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“E-Mute are a new band on the indie-rock scene. The London based four-piece features musicians that have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Moby, Dido, Kaiser Chiefs, Stereophonics and The Black Eyed Peas. With a varied CV of experience, the band say you should ‘prepare yourself for a real treat’ with their songs. Collectively E-Mute have created a sound with a harder edge, with melodies that fuse dark edgy rock, electronica and philosophical lyrics. E-Mute are celebrating this month after their debut single cracked the Top 10 of the International Independent Charts, reaching No.6. Their EP Too Proud To Say Loud was released this week (on November 20)”

“London, UK- Rock fans, music lovers, do I have a treat for you. The stylish yet amazingly talented E-Mute, from London are a group of musicians who are definitely qualified to not only be in your iPod, but certainly in your most listened to playlist. Understandable if you have not heard of them, simply because they are a new band, but they have everything together to be one of the best. This band IS IT!! I love the dynamics of their sound, catchy yet creative lyrics and their overall cohesiveness. E- Mute short for Electric Mute has won my heart. I can’t say enough about this band, but 2 thumbs up. Trust me after you hear them you are going to want to hear more as well. Check out their newest single and official video for their song “Clock Moves Forward” and stay tuned for a release date of their EP “To Proud to Say Loud””

“London-based alternative rock quartet, E-MUTE, are set to release their debut EP Too Proud to Say Loud this November. Individually, the band’s members already have impressive resumes, some of which feature collaborations with a surprisingly diverse set of artists, including ChakaKhan, Scott James of Stereophonics, Moby and others. Collectively, they’ve joined forces to create a sound with a harder edge than you might expect after reading that list of artists. You’ll run into guitar and vocal moments, such as on “Flying,” that bring to mind desert rock bands like Queens of the Stone Age, and even post-grunge era groups like Velvet Revolver – and this is just one small facet of E-MUTE’s sound. “Clock Moves Forward” delivers dark, dancey rock evocative of Muse and Franz Ferdinand, and throughout the EP, you’ll find traces of electronic music influences. Whatever genres they touch on, if you’re a fan of the aforementioned bands, you might just be smitten by E-MUTE.”

“Zavive Magazine Review Introducing: E-Mute E-Mute Today, we get the pleasure of introducing a brand new act on the indie-rock scene, E-Mute! E-Mute are composed of musicians that have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Moby, Dido, Kaiser Chiefs and The Black Eyed Peas; quite the work history, right? E-Mute have had, to say the least, a busy year: doing interviews, recording new tunes, performing and performing in front of the camera in preparation for their video-single. Speaking of which the newly released single, the aptly named ‘Clocks Move forward’, broke into The Independent’s top ten charts in its first week of release and is holding steady at number six. You can definitely see why with the bands fun play-style and fantastic collection of musicians from very successful backgrounds. If the video is anything to go by, then it looks like seeing E-Mute live would be an experience and a half.... ”

“YouTube comments: ‘’Rock London dude!!!!’’, ‘’Great voice, E-MUTE!’’, ‘’When are you going to post videos with the music?’’, ‘’great music’’, ‘’Lovin' the channel - very cool! I subbed.’’, ‘Nice to meet you. OMG I´m just realizing, that it is you singing? E-MUTE is you? I thought it was a record label and you were just posting their songs. I´m amazed. Sounding great! Go promote yourself. It worth’s it. André ☺’’, ‘’Love the music keep it up’’, ''LOVE the energy! Tight, clean, tons of depth that rocks the soul.'' ”

Youtube Comments

“‘’E-MUTE except being an excellent drummer, is a very hard worker as well as very imaginative and creative musician and his songs prove it. His music consists of well thought arrangements, inspired melodies, meaningful lyrics and clever harmonies which are the result of his musical journey in composition.’’ (P. Zeldman)”

P. Zeldman

“‘’An incredible drummer and very dedicated musician, E-MUTE has turned his talents to writing/singing his own music. As a song based project, his music is very much written and sung from his heart, with some great melodies and beautiful harmonies. He opens himself up to us, illustrating both his inner world and the world he sees around him. His music has energy, drive and soul.’’ (J.K. Benson)”

J. K. Benson