“Some people may complain that the style is not as relevant today, but I ‘d tell those guys to ##@$ right off ! This is a well performed and well conceived album and it actually will please those who enjoy, the particular style of early 90s power metal with prog inclinations.”

“EMPYRIA Release 'The Sheltering (2011 A.D.)' Single; Free Download Available Hot Flashes Posted on Friday, July 01, 2011 at 13:39:29 EST Vancouver-based progressive metallers EMPYRIA have released their new single, 'The Sheltering (2011 A.D.)'. The track is available for free download at this location.”

“High class Power / Prog Metal by the Vancouver / Canada based Empyria. Grab “The Long Road Home” album if you are in the mood of some high class, inspired, technical Steel. This is for sure their best release so far. First of all the band has a very strong feature that stands above their technical skills. They are blessed with inspired song writing. Just listen to their “Last Rites” song and you will understand my point. Fantastic, inspired songs by Empyria, delivered to the listener under technical structures and passionate performances by all musicians and you can add to the puzzle the fantastic voice by Philip Leite. Anyway I think you got the message. This is one of the best Power / Prog Metal albums around. Get it fast. ”

“(Wednesday, 16 September 2009) Rating:92/100 METAL To INFINITY Excellent and powerful production with a futuristic but awesome looking cover / back artwork… honestly and sincere, “The Long Road Home” is a fantastic piece of Prog / Power Metal that should be picked up by both US and Progressive Power Metal addicts. Great vocals, excellent song structures, technical skills, sometimes catchy – sometimes hard to the bone… go check them out and order right on (see this as a good advice!). www.myspace.com/empyria”