Empyrean / Press

““…So audibly rich it's almost visual. It tells a story without words.””


“ “A professionally composed disc that by far has the grounds of breaking through the industry….this band will leave you wanting more.””

L.A. Rock City

“Metalrevolution.net – “Songs that at all times present the emotional landscapes - and isn’t that what music is all about?””


““The return of Mother Earth" is more then just a simple generic music video we've all seen a billion times over and over again - with some band air playing their instruments - 'show boating' in front of a camera, and looking completely out of place in a visual media. Rather this vid is a collaboration from the band and director that works more like a mini-movie. It takes you on a phantasmagoric ride from the hangman's noose to blood drenched occult madness - infant sacrificed pagan deity worship - demon incantation - absinthe fueled séances gone wrong - and resurrected drowned witches from the depths of the sea.” Kam Lee, ex- mantas, massacre, denial fiend; Vocalist for BoneGnawer, Cryptidz, Grotesquery. Inventor of death metal growl.”


““This is without a doubt the best local band, not even local band… This is better than big band videos…I can not believe the quality of product. It’s going to blow your mind. It’s insane!” Brian Dickerman, D.J., WJRR 101.1 Orlando, FL -”


"…This is awesome... of course disturbing as hell, like a Florida 'Wickerman'!...I think I can understand why HOB might have been a little nervous!" Sean Perry, Editor Axis Magazine -

Axis Magazine

“Best Local Metal Band – 2009 and 2010 “Their sound evinces the textured maturity that comes from years of trying valiantly to create a vibe that goes beyond metal clichés. With arrangements that are complex but melodic Empyrean clearly wishes to be tagged Orlando’s heavy-but-smart band. Visceral without being dumbed-down, intricate without being Dillinger Escape Plan and melodic without being corny.””