Empresarios / Press

"In just 12 months of hard work they positioned themselves as one of the most vibrant forces in US-based party-oriented Latin music."

"the Latin funk tinged hip hop of Fort Knox Records affiliates Los Empresarios have come to represent the city's finest live performance..... Funk meets Fania and excels."

"Hopscotching between Latin beats, dubby reggae and funky house rhythms, the Empresarios are the next name to watch on the city’s international party scene."

"Remeber the last time you plugged in your headphones and just floated away on a sea of dub music—like a good mushroom journey without the dicey legal issues and poop smell? Neither do we, but this new selection by dub-downtempo-house-dash-dash-dash crew Empresarios, featuring vocals by frequent Thievery Corporation collaborator Zeebo Steele, has our bodies leaving the physical plane. The album, Sabor Tropical, came out yesterday, so set course for a neon psychedelic voyage."

“Javier Miranda "played congas with Thievery and had great taste in music. That shows through on this 15-track album, with a lot of solid cuts and a few outstanding ones, most notably the Latin funky title track and the reggaeton-cumbia banger "Negrita Linda." This record will be coming out from my DJ bag often in the near future."”

“Washington D.C.'s Empresarios take on the unenviable task of "Bringing Latin funk goodness to our nation's capitol. But even if the District isn't quite ready for their smooth tropical blend of funk, cumbia, dub and reggaeton, the rest of us could use a stiff shot of Sabor Tropical right about now, to tide us over until the weather turns warm? Available January 11th.:”

"With Sabor Tropical, they have set the bar very high for the new generation of artists to follow. From the opening track on Sabor Tropical, you already know you’re in for a diverse ride of styles. The album smoothly combines latin funk, cumbia, dub and reggaeton on a grooveoriented tip, perfectly balancing beats for both the headphones and dancefloor."

"There is no shortage of creativity among these talented musicians and DJs and their influences. From downtempo, dub, Latin, house, trip-hop and reggaeton can all be heard in their definitive, eclectic sound."

“The debut album from the Empressarios after the outfit’s appearance on The New Gold Standard. Combining Latin funk, cumbia, dub and reggaeton, Sabor Tropical is oozing with, er, sabor.”

“‎"Is there such a thing as being too musically diverse? The Washington, D.C., collective known as Empresarios is about to find out when its debut disc, Sabor Tropical, drops Tuesday. The tasty blend of the laid-back and the Latin, downtempo and dance-floor, R&B and reggaeton makes the album a cosmopolitan pleasure."”

“The other part of this must certainly be that apart from the instruments they play, each of the five members of Empresarios is also a producer. It takes a lot skill to use what many would consider disparate elements and make them work together well. Thankfully these guys have what it takes to pull it off.”

“The Empresarios only use cumbia as a launching point for “Cumbia“, and they feel no inclination to accept the limits of genre. A large band is easily imaginable as their leaning beat is assisted by a rhythmic guitar, an insistent cowbell, virtuoso triangles, accordian stabs and a deep bassline groove. Conga rolls frequently act as signals for new melodic elements but also serve as their own feature, too.”

"Taking elements of downtempo, chill out, Latin, and reggaeton, Empersarios create a sun drenched world of beach vibes and relaxed times. Sabor Tropical is an island vacation from the comfort of your living room. This is the sound of the Caribbean lapping up through your speakers and when the weather is as cold as it has been, Sabor Tropical is like a much needed escape. They might hail from DC, but they sound as though they've been traversing through the Caribbean most of their lives and it's reflected on just about every song here."

"The Washington, D.C.-based band of modern Latin-funk is hitting the streets with the most impressive dance beats, trip hop rhythms, and dub-step on the market today. The Latin grooves border on jazz styles that heat up any occasion or mood."

" Sabor Tropical combines latin funk, cumbia, dub and reggaeton on a groove tip. The Empresarios have created an album that is sophisticated and sexy, and yet has street credibility all at the same time. This album will take you from the relaxing beaches Cancun to the streets of the Lower East Side in Manhattan and everywhere in between."

"There are so many reasons why I put on so hard for my city. The main reason is because DC stays fresh. Big up to the Empresarios crew. We’ve been playing a few of their jams, they’re getting some great reviews and the live show is about to bust bammas in the head. Hit the site and YouTube page to get prepared then get some at U Street Music hall on Dec. 30th."

"Empresarios describe their sound as Nu Soul/Funk/Trip-Hop/HOUSE high on sun and soul. Amen and everyone a gozar cause this sounds mad!"

"I love Fort Knox Five in all its incarnations, the band, the DJs and the record label. I could even go as far as saying they're among my top 5 favorite record labels, and they could easily become number one if only they started releasing more 7'' singles of, for example, stuff like Los Empresarios "Cumbia."