Emmas Ringer / Press

"Across Canada, there has been a wave of awesome bands spanning a bunch of different genres, that are growing in popularity, such as PUP, July Talk and Monomyth. Performing in the 90’s grunge style of Nirvana, Kyuss and Soundgarden, is Ottawa-based Emmas Ringer, a three-piece band that is killing it."

“About "Generations" - "I enjoyed listening to the new record, as it transported me back to a time in the 90s when I first started taping songs onto cassettes. The band stays true to their alternative and grunge influences – their epic guitar solos, roaring vocals, and grimy aesthetic serve them well and give us nostalgic folk something solid to listen to. The title track is more restrained, as lead singer Scott Maybee sings his ballad recounting days past and facing the everlasting joust with time that we all must grapple with. My favourite track on the album is the catchy and fun song called “Time Will Tell,” it reminds me a lot of those days in high school that you take with you as the years keep ticking on. Have a listen, you’ll know what I mean. Anyone that loved bands like Soundgarden, Spin Doctors, or Jane’s Addiction will enjoy the new album, guaranteed."”

"“Hong Kong”: If you can make it past the creepy, confusing 30 seconds of Buddhas and odd footage in this music video you’ll happen upon a doozy of a track that combines a dash of screamo-vocals, grungy guitars, abrasive high pitched singing, and a driving rhythm section. Just play this song next time someone says they wanna travel somewhere – this can be your way of tongue-in-cheek arguing that you want to go somewhere else… like Hong Kong."

“What makes it work is that Emma's Ringer never sound like they're doing grunge-by-numbers; they sound like they're playing music that means something to them, and it makes The Spirits Will Guide a substantially better album than most that have the same set of influences.”

“There are many who will say that grunge died in the nineties, though Ottawa duo Emmas Ringer may have to fight you on that point. Of course, Emmas Ringer do not try in any way, shape or form to be Nirvana or Mudhoney. Instead, they use the trademark heavy guitar riffs, keyboards & synths to breathe life into a once tired genre.”