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“One of the very first videos I watched was a woman named Emma Hill and she did a song about Denali, just dedicated to her home and the thing that she loves. It’s a beautiful song, she did it with a banjo player who had the most fantastic looking banjo—it was like this refraction paper, psychedelic looking banjo. They both sat on little tiny chairs next to a little tiny table and it was delightful. I loved it.”

“For all of her innate gifts as a songwriter and vocalist, she has been further blessed, as if thunderstruck, with the perfect musical collaborator and road compadre, Bryan Daste. Hill brings a powerful, soaring voice, a gift for poetry, and a solid sense of nuance. Daste is the perfect sidekick, yet so much more. As the chief arranger of Hill's songs, and her harmony vocalist -and he can sing- he acts as master of ceremonies, showcasing her compositions in the best presentation, much the way a jeweler puts the flawless diamond in the perfect setting. The stone and the ring both take your breath away.”

“There is a majesty akin to nature in her distilled poetry and her easygoing delivery.”

“Emma Hill arrives onto the music scene’s radar just when it seemed originality and uniqueness might have been but a long ago memory.”

"Emma Hill is one of Americana's very best songwriters."

Paul Riley - Country Music People

“It was easy to fall under the subtle charm and seductive lure of Denali, the enchanting new release from Emma Hill...Emma, live, is a revelation.”

“Her brand of tundra country, bright as sunlight on snow, sharp like the first outdoor breath on a frosty morning, is required in any serious musical collection.”

“This is a wonderful example of folk music that seems timeless, not old. It seems at once new and yet ancient in its stories of lovers and travelers, abounding with a sense of history yet not constrained by it. And we are enriched by it, as if we had discovered a dusty album of sepia-tinged photographs that somehow restored to us our sense of history and our place in the lineage of the human family, giving our present days a meaning and purpose that we need in order to carry on.”

“Emma Hill’s voice will haunt you, follow you through your day, and stay with you through the cold winter nights that are almost upon us. This is living, breathing, vital work, and a must have for anyone who loves music created by people, not machines. In this day of organic everything this is the real deal, a natural beauty from the great northwest. God bless Emma Hill for being the messenger.”

“Denali is a breath of crisp, fresh air, brought to us by this talented artist from Anchorage. Hill, and her musical conspirator, Bryan Daste, are a team that seems to work perfectly together, creating a sonic landscape that is at once enchanting and organic. The two display an excellent sensibility in the choices they make, knowing just how to present each of these stories in a manner designed to draw us in.”

“It is clear from Emma Hill's Denali that she is a major songwriting talent, with an engaging voice, some wonderful backing musicians...she has got it all.”

“A sincere back porch/homegrown set that really touches the listener, this is the shot in the arm the genre could always use more of.”

“Within each of Hill and Daste’s songs are hidden lines of lyrical treasure.”

“Sometimes, a duo is so flawlessly matched that the listener understands their pairing even before the second voice joins the first. Alaskan singer Emma Hill and her longtime musical partner Bryan Daste embody this idea.”

“'The Black and Wretched Blue' proves Emma’s most mature and inspired album thus far.”

“[Hill is] the sort of artist to whom fans can truly relate, feeling the small and beautiful moments of romance and the even briefer secret ecstasies throughout, as well as the subsequent and lingering devastation to the heart and the unbearable pangs of loss.”

“The Black and Wretched Blue has a permanent spot in my collection, and I can issue no higher praise than that.”

“The Black and Wretched Blue is a nicely nuanced album, full of heartache and joy, that satisfies on many levels.”

“...one tasteful collection of memorable, honest songs delivered with a flawless, stand-out panache. Here’s an artist you’ll be following for ages to come—check out this album posthaste!”

Tom Hallett - Elmore Magazine

“Hill’s relaxed vocals and excellently written songs, made with a deft melodic pop nous, ensure her work remains thoughtful, catchy, witty and sultry in equal measures. ‘Meet Me at the Moon’ is a thoroughly enjoyable and impressive album from talent worth keeping on the radar.”

“Any discussion of Emma Hill must begin with her voice. Hill has a rich and smooth alto that I could listen to all day. But emotion comes first, and Hill delivers that beautifully.”

“Hill has always had a talent for writing expressive, thoughtful lyrics...[she] has a way of working her words down deep enough in your body that your toes will find themselves tapping.”

“Her keen ability to write pretty, heartfelt songs that allow the listener a glimpse into her personal life and feelings have made Emma Hill an indie-folk darling on the edge of wider recognition.”

“'Meet Me at the Moon' isn't just consistent the whole way through, it becomes more and more absorbing from song to song...[the album] commanded the whole of my attention on the very first listen, absorbing me completely, and instantly pushing me to realize that I just may have found a new favorite female artist...the poignant lyrics conveyed by her lovely voice are what I can only describe as confessionals in the church of the heart.”

“You have such a nice voice. I don't mean to sound corny but it's kind of like melt-y chocolate. IT'S MAGICAL.”

“Though 'folk' is probably the genre radio fat cats would try to box her in, her songs are living creations, each a style in and of itself. It's plain old great American music, and the author is a truly talented vessel. Compare her to Caitlin Cary, Kim Richey or Neko Case, but at the end of the day, Emma Hill is a uniquely fresh addition to the scene and certainly one worth checking out.”

Tom Hallett - Elmore Magazine

“It is not so much the indie folk, alt-country and delicate roots sound that Emma has created, but the soulful beauty of her impossibly powerful vocals. To be sure, it’s the kind of voice that one can easily fall in love with. Yes, I admit it, I’m smitten!”

“It is rare for me to find female singer/songwriters that really knock my socks off -- musically speaking, of course -- and even rarer still to come across female singer/songwriters as young and talented as Emma Hill, whose songs simply cannot be ignored.”

“Each song is a well-stitched garment that keeps one warm in the chill of lonely nights and hurt feelings, of a head heavy and spinning with last night’s drink, of long remembrances and uncertain tomorrows, of so many things that more often than not prove difficult to put down on paper.”

“Emma Hill has the kind of voice that can melt away a day's stress as it washes through your consciousness.”

“The combination of Emma Hill's gorgeous vocals, signature songwriting, and musical variations makes for a remarkable and fascinating album. Clumsy Seduction is a wonderful product of an artist on the threshold of success and stardom on the folk/Americana scene.”

“[Hill] projects an endearing fearlessness...she is no stranger to the road. [Clumsy Seduction] suggests a future fit for Emma Hill amongst the great American ladies of song.”

“It is hard to believe, after listening to these heartfelt confessions, that Hill is but 22 years of age, but don't think her youth has left her lacking depth or power. The Alaskan-born resident of Portland, Oregon, has obviously been seriously working at her craft to come so far in so short a lifespan.”

“Throughout the album, Hill...displays a wonderful imagination with the musical textures she creates. This one will grow on you.”

“...a flawless voice that compels you to listen. (translated from Dutch)”

"[Hill] makes you want to take [her] hand and move to the Oregon mountains. At least, we sure did."

"If you’re turned on by talent, Emma Hill will give you a total fame bone."

"...laid back folk ballads that would make a perfect companion during those long, cold, Alaskan nights."

"[Emma Hill] writes well beyond her years!"

"The album has been on the mp3 player now for a few weeks and I enjoy it more and more each time I listen. I really love the varied musical arrangements that keep each song distinctive.”

"Clumsy seduction? She had me at ‘hello.’"

"They're sweethearts. And really good at music. And being fun."

Luke Burbank - TBTL

"...beautiful female singer songerwriter"

Rein van den Berg - Johnny’s Garden

"She turns to that catchy really beautiful gems, which after a single listening with small barbs on your eardrums seem to have attached." (Translated from Dutch)


“Emma Hill is not afraid to sing. In fact, her voice's countrified richness, delicate inflections and fear-no-range transitions make it easy to imagine that's all she ever does.”

Amy McCullough - Willamette Week

“Hill’s songs, which lilt along in a folk-singer manner, twangy but with a tinge of jazz and blues influence, are carried mostly by her beautiful, smoky voice. She sounds like a rootsier Sarah McLachlan, or perhaps like fellow Alaskan Jewel, but with more soul.”

The Bend Bulletin

“Emma Hill's strong, smooth, pitch-perfect alto has a unique personal timbre that commands attention. Her tone, while flirty, possesses a sense of maturity unexpected in a 21-year-old, a blend of punky confidence and bluesy anguish with an undercurrent of pleading uncertainty.”

“She sounds like sunbeams through a partly cloudy sky.”

“Portland songwriter Emma Hill's tender folk songs ache with emotion. If you're in the mood for roots music, you won't find a better show in the city.”

Seattle Weekly