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“Emisis is an energy driven, loud rock band that pulls inspiration from 90's rock bands like Metallica, Pantera, and Alice in Chains. This month the guys are looking forward to opening for the platinum selling hard rock band Seether in Milwaukee on May 14th. "It's a tremendous opportunity that we are opening for them," Giacomin said. But what the band may be looking forward to most is the release of their new album "Corporate Renegade," which will be released on May 28th. "These songs are a little more mature, we put different influences together," Giacomin said. "This one feels different. We know what we like and want, what works and what doesn't so that's the kind of album we put together. We are hoping this new CD will launch us even more. The music speaks for itself."”

“Emisis is a self-described “solid, energy driven rock” band from Crown Point, Indiana. The band is comprised of four life-long friends with flair for music. Their sound is characterized by hard-hitting vocals and catchy riffs. But don’t write them off as just another group of guys trying to play classic rock in their free time. Emisis’ music is every bit as real as it is sophisticated, and three albums under their belt doesn’t hurt. They’re the type of band you wouldn’t be ashamed to listen to in front of your dad—because he’d rock out to them too. Check out their latest single, Corporate Renegade, an aggressive response to the monotonous nine-to-five routine.”

“I usually don't like southern-tinged anything, unless it's spicy food. That being said, I thought Emisis were pretty awesome. They had this groovy vibe that brought their vision of rock to life without it feeling forced or boring, and it showed in the crowd's reaction. Everyone seemed to be at least a little into the music, and I have to say I'm completely guilty of head bobbing along with them. There really isn't much more to say about Emisis other than my urging to check them out. Who knows, you might have a few new tunes to add to your library!”

“This has to be one of the most kick ass tracks I have heard! The vocals have that cigarette-smokin gritty "I don't give a shit" grind to 'em! Yes!”- Garageband.com on “Binge Drinkin ' “Power and conviction, which is the single most important thing to a fellow vocalist.” - iLike “Like a velvet-gloved punch to the head”- iLike “Slammin' from the first note! This song kicks major ass. Cool intro, great vocals and there are killer guitar sounds throughout the entire song. One of the best songs I have heard on here. Keep ROCKIN!”- Garageband.com on “D Berry””