Emily Rupp / Press

“She is a particularly gifted communicator”

Stephen Irvine - OfficialEmilyRupp.com

“An amazing voice, versatility and range. Made the recording session worthwhile...she will succeed in everything she attempts, not because she cannot fail, but because she will work at it until she does.”

Roman Baca, Artistic Director, Exit 12 Dance Company - OfficialEmilyRupp.com

“A talented young singer, writer, actor and songwriter.”

“Her short vocal performance is hauntingly beautiful.”

“Pop artist with an indie vibe”

Russell Burgess - Resonate TV

“She sang from her heart and everyone in the audience believed in her words and emotions. She was captivating.”

“Emily’s a talented singer-songwriter and very dedicated to her craft. It was a pleasure to work with her and to see her develop as a recording and performing artist. We look forward to continuing to work with Emily and to see her talent grow.”

Phil Carroll, Producer, Executive Director of RAD, Inc. - Recording Artists Development, Inc.