Emily Reid / Press

"With an eye for hooky Sara Bareilles-esque melodies and a penchant for sprinkling in handclaps, snaps, and a bit of glockenspiel, Reid writes the kind of songs that are both unapologetically honest and unashamedly catchy."

"Emily is an absolutely incredible singer songwriter who I anticipate to take the world by storm some day."

"With an album slated for May release and even more show bookings soon to be set, Reid is nothing if not focused. Still, she said it was only her inner 6-year-old self who thought a music career might be a reality. That has changed since her honest songs that point to what really matters in life pointed her to Belmont. And the musical journey since then has been harmonious. "

"If you haven’t heard her she is definitely one to give a listen to and keep an eye out for."