Emily Hurd / Press

"There's something about a certain brand of first rate Americana music that has to be performed by American artists for it to work...a record like 'Long Lost Ghosts' captures that old time raw spirit of the West in a fashion that seeps down through the genes and courses through the blood. Emily Hurd provides a soundtrack to small town blues, love affairs and timeless road trips, all with a voice so rich and full of authority that you just have to believe her. Eight albums in and Chicago based Hurd seems to be in a good place....oh, and by the way, she wrote the songs on a home made ukelele while out of action with a neck injury. In the words of Tom Petty, "She was an American girl...."

"Deep heart and soul. Songs of much genuine beauty and grace. A masterpiece. I love this music...this is an album to fall into and swim in forever."

“I like the sense of understated urgency in Emily Hurd’s voice. Now, sure there’s more than a touch of Janis in it, but Emily’s is a more controlled instrument. Maybe that’s what’s so intriguing—sensing that she could belt it out like Big Mama Thornton but she chooses not to.”

“Her wide vocal range, light fingers and clever lyrics aren't the only reasons why she's become a regular on the Chicago music scene.”

Marqui Mapp - WLUC TV6

“Janis Joplinesque...Emily is a favorite of mine.”

Rick Kogan - WGN Radio

“The songs touch on universal themes of love and loneliness, Hurd belting like Russian-American piano-pop diva Regina Spektor on "Prove Me Wrong" and exhaling the words like hazy smoke rings on "Just In Case."”

Andy Downing - The Chicago Tribune