Emily Davis / Press

“Emily Davis is a nut. She’s more of an acorn. She falls from a tree sporadically. She’ll either be harvested by a squirrel or spend time on the surface of the ground before growing into a tree of her own. Either way Davis, the acorn, has always found a way to reach an audience so entranced by her art that they often become faithful, and loyal fans as well as deeply connected friends.”

“Musically, ("The Worst Kind of Curse") is acoustically driven, full of rhythm and catchy hooks, all tied together with a punk-rock delivery by the singer's strong vocals. The context of her record appears to be a eulogy to death “It’s that one mystery that you never even really get to know or experience because we’re dead," Davis said. "It’s so influential, you see how it influences world views, religion, different ways of perceiving each other and life.””

“Emily Davis is frickin’ good. Just her and a guitar and the occasional back-up musician, the local singer-songwriter slowly has been building a name for herself at gigs in town. She has a steady strum, a voice that can cut through any fog, a commanding stage presence and a gaggle of songs worth singing.”