Emily Coates / Press

"Nature's Flow showcases this woman’s great songwriting skills... It’s artistically beautiful, and highly original."

"Nature's Flow is a collection of five songs that though very different in tone, are brought together by Emily's stunning vocals and distinctive style of piano playing. The themes touch on friendship, love and faith, and are sure to appeal to those who love their music to sound beautiful and have substance."

Aoife Barry - The Kildare Nationalist

"I personally love her music; her haunting lyrics and individual sound touched a chord in me that I can relate to, making a nice change from the artificial and manufactured junk usually to be found in our charts."

"Set to become a long-lasting success"

Alan Lodge - Canary Wharf News

"Beautiful melodies with poignant emotive lyrics"

The Twist at Oliver's Greenwich

"Beautiful vocal excursions with both pain and joy...this is all very strong material"

Damien Hughes - Queep Organic Music

"Beautifully Crafted Songs"