Emily Baker / Press

“'House of Cards' platforms Emily Baker as an exceptional contemporary songwriter, mixing the familiar with a depth of musicality and competence normally reserved for those much further on in their career. As a debut it captures the power and presence of her live performance without losing the moments of delicacy and intimacy that allow these songs to be stripped bare of their studio arrangements without losing any of their integrity. Particular highlights are the driving title track 'House of Cards', fusing familiar Americana with a waft of British lyricism that easily achieves the cross over and would appeal to pallets on both sides of the Atlantic; 'Hit and Run' shows a genuine understanding for the crafting of an A1 ballad with simplicity in message and melody delivering an instant 'one listen' singalong worth pushing repeat on for a good half hour. ...click link for full review”

“In the grand tradition of acoustic singer/songwriters, Emily Baker has lessons for us all…”

Joel McIvor - Acoustic Magazine