emiko / Press

"Is [Simple Love] a brilliant masterpiece? Absolutely"

“It’s incredible writing and composition, essentially taking all of the best bits from the classic ballad, and fusing them creatively and optimistically with this new and exciting, at times classically inspired, expression of sound and soul. The increasing intensity towards the song’s climax is hypnotic, mesmerizing, and always captivating. When it does in fact come to an end, there’s a struggle to walk away from it all – Simple Love bears listening to far more than once to truly capture what it’s all about, and to build a familiarity with it that sinks in for good. Emiko’s performance and writing style shine with beautiful brightness throughout this track. It’s a great place for listeners to begin their journey through the artist’s music, and it’s a great example of the unique talent and creativity that exists and in fact thrives and continuously evolves just below the mainstream radar.”

“Taking a sharp left from her dalliance with slick pop, a warm, ardent ovation to love in its purest form will pull at your heartstrings and stay with you.”

“Beautiful voice... poppy and fun arrangements! Now is the prime time to jump on the next big thing bandwagon.”

Matt Chimento - Courier Post

“Excerpt: Call me optimistic, but on the sole strengths of “7 Steps Away” I can’t quite see that happening: on this track Emiko appears as smart as her big budget production, and comfortably ahead of the curve as she internal-monologues her way along Fifth Avenue. Stalking eight paces behind some innocent uptown Adonis, she sings of how she has “Always had self-control but now I can’t help myself / Because you’re seven steps away.” Some raw but shiny chords tinkle around her, and Emiko sings as happy as a girl in the rain on TV, moving at half-Gene Kelly speed. Lyrically, it may not be all that groundbreaking—tailing a conquest and sensing him through the rain like Daredevil—but it’s a kooky enough turn for a new major signing, particularly one who believes openly in Martians. It’ll be interesting to watch newcomers accuse her of pitch correction when she’s actually just flexing her vocal cords.”

“Incredible live!”

Lisa Farsadi - MTV

“Emiko follows her recent success on the Japanese charts with this beautiful contemporary song, in English, taken from her forthcoming Album to be released later this year on Famous Records!”


“If Alanis Morissette and Sinead O’Connor had a child, Emiko would have to be that child. If you’re confused by this comparison, let me just assure you that it is a compliment of the highest order. Emiko has continued to produce new material, and she is constantly working on re-inventing herself, her songs, and her sound. Emiko’s music is filled with strong imagery that can transform you onto the rainy streets of New York City, and before you know it, you find yourself being exposed to the inner-most feelings of a complicated woman living in complicated times. Her lyrics are much more than good hooks with a story line peppered in between. Her stories expose the very fabric of who she is. Tie all of this together with a lineup of great musicians and a world class engineer and producer, and you have all the ingredients of a hit making machine! ”

“Cathartic and catchy raw rock!!!”

Eric Brace - The Wasington Post

“Emiko is one of the few great musician/songwriters who deserves to be called an artist. Her new material is fresh, and edgier than ever, as she sneaks profound, emotionally driven themes under the guise of simple, straight-forward rock tunes. Gotta love that!”