Emi Asta / Press

““Right from the start i'm already impressed with the electric guitar. It does a great job established a dark tone and sounds very raw. The singer has a powerful singing voice and fits nicely with the instrumentals. The lyrics weren't really anything special, just rather plain. At times the lyrics sound like a run on sentence. The instruments are played nicely, and once again I have to say that i'm really impressed with the electric guitar playing. The solo during the breakdown was executed masterfully and lead the song into a whole new territory, completely shifting the tone from what was originally established at the start ultimately resulting in some great variety in this track. The artist is very talented, both with great sounding vocals and some really strong instrument playing. Given some better lyrics I could easily see a big rock hit from this artist.””

“It's extremely RARE that a persons voice and music mends together in perfect harmony - but that is just the case here. I love your vocals. That slight rasp in your chords and the simplicity of the guitar is incredible. Perfect pitch, tone and meaningful lyrics. I am really digging this track! The drums kicked in and tied the song together into a wonderful little box. I don't have any complaints at all. That was very well the best 90 seconds of my day. Thank you so much for sharing!””

“Refreshing and exciting …with a style that will never fade! This is what music should sound like!”

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