“With so many independent artists out here what makes you different & sets you apart? " I actually live what I talk about in real life……I feel all these artist talking about who they shot, what packs they’re moving, or whatever is doing nothing but snitching on themselves causing heat for their career…..the powers that be aren’t really interested in that in the long run so I make music for the world to relate to and move too off of my life experiences"”

“I wrote "BELIEVE" because I needed to believe that I was able to push and move forward in this shady music biz. After a few disappointments, I began to lose faith because I trusted a lot of people in this game. While I continued to love and support the 1 person I treated like a sister and best friend. Even after finding out how this person talked about me to people I was in a relationship with, smh, god bless your soul, I still treating that person as if everything was good. I had to "BELIEVE" that she was not women enough to talk to me in person. My cousin did 25 years in prison and came home with hopes of becoming a better person with a criminal past. I asked him to "BELIEVE" for god has a plan for us all. Now he's been home over 3 years, released off of parole early, after first review, and working on becoming a role model in the community.”

“ How do you feel about Hip Hop now verses Hip Hop when you were coming up (Explain)? EMF Black: Hip Hop now SUCKS!!!!!! I listen to unsigned artist and 90’s hip hop. Too much of the bullshit going on in the game with creating stupid dances, ninjaz rhyming about shit they aint built to survive in. But all in all music is filled with imagination and I believe most of these mainstream mc’s overdose there lyrics in imagination. ”

“Outside of music if there is one thing you would change in this world what would it be in why? EMF Black: The child support system because it’s full of corruption and it brings the fathers who are taking care of business down to poverty level. I can go on with this but the main problem is PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, when a mother receives public assistance no matter what, even if the father is taking care of the child, the mother has to bring him to court. And that to me, is FUCKED UP. So if I can just get a little bit of some real bread I will begin a fight to change the policy of child support. ”

“My philosophy is that “I’m not trying to live the AMERICAN DREAM; I’m trying to live my dream”. ”

“This is a quote from my blog called "THE SAGA BEGINS" "I always tell people if you want see the truth about a person’s work ethic, work with them and see what the deal is. People kill me with their quote on quote "BEING A BOSS" when you need people to make you look like a BOSS." ”

“Find out more about EMF BLACK from the underground movers......Hip Hop straight from the streets.”

"True enough, EMFinite Black is the next best thing. But those unaware will feel the wrath of his uncharted chambers. He shows the diligence of a hip-hop veteran and hunger of a new artist. Therefore, whichever label embraces this talent from Queens will have the pleasure to unleash the beast out of its cage. It’s a promise. EMFinite Black will be a problem to the game." wynterstar