Emerson Drive / Press

“Rolling through great songs like “That Kind of Beautiful”, “I Love This Road” (they must with the amount of touring they do), and their first number one song “Moments”, they had us singing, tapping our feet, and clapping our way through the evening.”

“Country music group Emerson Drive did its part for national unity by offering a bilingual version of O Canada. You have to wonder why the NHL didn’t book these guys from Grand Prairie, Alta., for the Heritage Classic in Calgary.”

“Now that the temperature is rising, so are the heartrates of Emerson Drive, as is evident in the band’s latest single, ‘Let Your Love Speak.’”

“When we talked recently, Brad Mates, singer and last original member of the Canadian-bred country band Emerson Drive, was at his Nashville home, pondering the next two or three months. The following day, the tour and equipment buses were being dispatched from Tennessee to Canada's West Coast for the start of a 33-city tour, some supporting megastar Toby Keith. They'll go from Victoria and Surrey, B.C., through Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba before detouring to Australia. Then it's back to Canada.”

"We tried writing something after Patrick passed away, over the course of that first year, and everything that came out wasn't 100-per-cent there. There was always something that was missing. We wanted to make sure that whatever it was, we weren't going to put it on an album or release something as a single if it wasn't all there for the five individuals in the group.

“Greatest-hits albums -- being landmark achievements -- are usually cause for celebration. Yet for Canuck country-rockers Emerson Drive, the release of Decade of Drive is bittersweet. The band launched its 30-plus city Canadian tour in Victoria on Tuesday, the same day as the hits package hit stores. The album's new single is "When I See You Again." This heartfelt ballad is a tribute to former bandmate Patrick Bourque, who, in 2007, committed suicide weeks after quitting Emerson Drive.”

“he Decade of Drive album features three new singles, including the fantastic “When I See You Again.” It’s a song that could be paired with Moments” as a cousin of sorts as it discusses the aftermath of losing a treasured friend or family member. Decade of Drive proves that the groups talent is real and that talent has allowed them to survive in a market where bands come and go on a seemingly daily basis.”