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“Krishna McKenzie, the frontman of the band Emergence, makes music of a different kind —it is influenced by Solitude Farm, a community that lives a dynamic alternative lifestyle, based on sustainability and close ties to nature. Emergence’s music can be described as acoustic Indo Pop. “By pop, I don't mean Britney Spears or Madonna , but just popular music that is good,” says McKenzie, in a telephonic chat from Auroville, Pondicherry, which has been home for the man for almost two decades. Mckenzie’s greeting over the phone was an accented ‘namaskara’. He asked whether I “knew Tamil” and when I responded in the affirmative, he stumped me with his answer. “Appo Tamizhle pesalame (Then let’s converse in Tamil),” he said in impeccable Tamil.”

“Although there are a lot of fusion outfits today in India, very few actually deliver in terms of meaningful fusion music. One such act is the Auroville-based jazz fusion/acoustic rock band Emergence. Formed over five years ago, Emergence comprises of four talented and unique musicians, each one a master of his trade. The band performed their signature Carnatic-classical tinged jazz fusion compositions in Counter Culture on June 30th.”

“ Emergence is a sound that deserves to be heard. The very talented Chennai-based Karthik Srinivasan’s fingers travel lightning fast over violin strings, easily switching from western to Carnatic mode. Karthik’s subtle and soulful singing is awesome too.”

“What is even more unique is the deep connection that this band has with nature; a connection that exceeds music and lyrics, a connection that transends into an entire way of life. Every song, every melody, everything about Emergence's music is an exercise at getting back to your roots and connecting with life around you.”

“I have no doubt, Emergence and all they represent, will in the next couple of years become a leading name on the international stage. ”

Eddie Scott - (former-promotor Pink Floyd)

"A convergence of ideas, beliefs, cultures. The emergence of a brand of music that is likened more to a lifestyle than an isolated art form!"

"Their music and energy represent the contemporary emerging scene in India, they're already seducing the Indian public, and they'll surely seduce the rest of the world."