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"In the supercharged grooves of Eme and Heteru’s large ensemble, the rhythms of West Africa give a hip-swiveling seminar in the roots of jazz, soul and hip-hop, and the real-time magnetism of Afrobeat."-CapitalBop

Capital Bop - capitalbop.com

“This fusion of jazz, hip hop and African beats is one of the most addictive sounds we’ve heard in a while. Join the party and experience the sound this week at Twins Jazz, one of our favorite music clubs. -Scoutmob.com”

"We loved Eme & Heteru! They played great music and it fit right in with our Festival, which stresses community unity and appreciation of all cultures. Even when there was a problem because we had not provided a drum kit, their performance went on without a hitch using the more ethnic drums they had brought. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the band and listening to them and highly recommend their eclectic music!"- Janet Powers, Gettysburg Heritage Festival

"AfroRoots by Eme and Heteru will be performing for the last Sunday this month! This is a show you don’t want to miss. They will be performing two sets at 8pm and 10pm."-Ask Mr D.C

"You certainly were wonderfully received and loved! A beautiful performance, presented by beautiful people. Looking forward to many, many more. Peace."- Lisa Thompson Taylor, Principal,Taylor Strategic Partnerships , City Club of Washington.

"You're right, Eme and Heteru are great! We look forward to seeing you at Africa Underground on July 13."-National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution

“Head Roc says, I work with my man Cory Stowers and the Art Under Pressure family once a month to promote the Blessed Artists/Live Performers in the DMV. Eme & Heteru are surely One of The Blessed! You Gotta See Them!”

Head Roc - Head Roc

“A friend invited me to check this band out back in October of this year. To my surprise, I was absolutely caught off guard by the high energy vibes as I entered the venue. Players of instruments, lots of them! The entire stage was filled with musicians! This was not your average band…this was a show! Horns, percussion, guitar, bass, sweet melodies and African tempo! Beautiful women with powerful voices graced the stage adorned in Fela style face paint and Eme, the leader and singer of the band, tying it all together with his colossal stage presence and smooth vocals. Needless to say, I became their number one fan that evening. I was so happy to have found this musical treasure in my hometown of Washington, DC! ....All music lovers in the DMV to see Eme & Heteru live as soon as possible. Don’t miss the Eme & Heteru experience!!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eme-Heteru/141674752570942 -Reggae Vibe”

“Thank you for a wonderful performance at the 2nd Annual DC Africa Festival! Your performance truly contributed to the overall success of the event! I wish you continued success as well!-”

“Looking for Something Different on Saturday Night? Now, take Afrobeat music and add Reggae to the mix. This mix results in a seamless combination of music styles that singer, songwriter and band leader, Eme Awa calls “AfroRoots Music.” Awa’s band is known as “Eme and Heteru,” and Awa has been playing in the Washington, D.C. area for the past decade. He has had four Wammie nominations, and shared the stage with talent such as Jeffrey Osborne, Nestor Torres, Angela Bofill, and Najee. Awa calls his band’s infectious groove, “Juenge.” He combines rich, rhythmic styles and melodies from a wide range of African music, including East Africa, South Africa and West Africa, in addition to Jamaican Reggae. Awa’s performance is complete with dancers adorned in face paint. For bookings, contact agent70@yahoo.com”

Laura Hyler - Albany Arts Examiner

“But last Thursday’s event was still high energy; DC based band Eme & Heteru was doing Fela music covers all night, with a DJ spinning non-stop Afrobeat grooves upstairs. When you consider the average length of a Fela song being somewhere in the range of 9 minutes, you can imagine how, to paraphrase Wu Tang, the relentless attack of the tracks spared none! I felt like I was hobnobbing with residents of Fela’s Kalakuta Republic, then I got upstairs and found where all the face painting was going on – for free. Props to Heturu and lead singer Eme Awa for doing live justice to Fela’s songs. Watch them playing Fela’s major hit “Lady,” below. Don’t miss “Afrobeat 4 Ya Soul” next time;”

“The event was hosted by Guy Lambert of The Big Tigger Morning Show on WPGC and opened with music provided by DJ Underdog and an outstanding acoustic performance from Jahiti of Brown F.I.S.H. That was followed by award-winning poet, recording artist, and TED Fellow Iyeoka and Rock by Funk Tribe who took the crowd by storm. The event concluded with the wonderful sounds of Eme & Heteru, who had the crowd moving.”