Emby Alexander / Press

".....Alexander shows off his songwriting talent by pairing Elvis Presley and The Ramones in the same release." on XMAS with Emby Alexander

"....slightly hypnotic, beautifully haunting and remotely nervous..... [Emby Alexander] may well be our own local Talking Heads and Alexander’s voice finds an affinity for David Byrne’s at his peak..."

".....both extremely loud and extremely quiet, extremely emotional, extremely pop...."

“”Drag the Long Way Home” has us tapping our feet and clapping our hands to fun piano solos, synths, “OOOs” and well-timed claps...."”

"....there’s something intriguing about Michael B. Alexander. His body language speaks through gestures and though he sometimes gets tongue tied, the words that always get loose reveal his imagination...."

"....great live performance that includes visual, multi-sensory, audio, and sensory effects...."