Embers / Press

“there isn’t an extreme metal sound they won’t allow into the mix as long as it works for them, and that’s what keeps this album so fresh and exhilarating.”

“Embers sure do know how to write a riff.”

“nothing about Embers comes off as purposely lo-fi or overly posturing. Keys add ambience without symphonic silliness, and as the album moves along, the heft in the guitars of Steven DiCaprio (sic) and Timm Kennedy, as heard on the title cut, are a welcome change”

“Embers have written unabashedly romantic black metal epics that breathe and grow and gleam black over shifting landscapes.”

“Not only is the music incredibly felt and expressive, it can also get to moments of extreme violence and fury. The music is played expertly, with every instrument being incredibly tight,...one of the best piece of aural expression to come out of the Bay area in a while.”

“I often put Embers on repeat and lose myself in its twists and turns. Embers is the real deal.”

"a dark somber veil of music. Evil-laden music with strong metallic undertones, at once ambient and creepy, overall a killer release. "

"They've got punk, black metal, street grit and that special Bay Area brand of melancholy {via lovely viola}. Bands like this you hold onto for a while."