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“PROPAGANDA by EMBED Selected youtube comments: 'fucking great stuff, embed rocks!!', 'Awesome rap Awesome. Best rap in years my friends Jah Rastafari. Peace and love Dee. ONELOVE.','Catchy tune boys! Love it!! Bangin' dance tune WITH a message! How refreshing! Just what we need!!! Xxx ','Awesome brother! =)','Excellent work, the best I have seen on YT this year. Even bigger props for not wanting to sell out!','People need to wake up to the propaganda that is brainwashing us. The NWO is on its way. More people need to wake up.','Very well done!!! Congratulations!!!','This rap song with its meaningful and relevant lyrics is way ahead in its artistic value than usual rich car/girls/cloth/parties commercial vomit-flow.We enjoyed EMBED song even without being rap admirers.And video adds to the text. Healthy reminder of recent nowadays events and what truly stands behind all that mess.',' Best rapper since immortal technique, but cooler'.”

“Grate Britain by Embed - selected youtube comments : "I so agree with these words. I would love to be able to put the GREAT back into Britain. ""Brilliant way of putting it !Spot on !!!!Sad, but very true.""9-11 was an inside job! 9-11 official story was a lie!!""Five stars!! Thanks for the education""I couldn't put it better myself""This is a classic track and video!""Oooh I bloody luv this! :O)""This is great! Very cool... makes you think.""Very good video and a cool song""Excellent. Love it. SPot on mate""lol British rap, never thought I would say it I like!""Absolutely genius! I love it, thanks""Definately one of the best raps ever"""This needs to be sung in London on a daily basis.""Absolutely brilliant... should be listened be everyone rather than the corporate shit like Puppet Gaga""love it, bloody brilliant""Simply Fantastic !!!!!The Message, the delivery, the production, everything. BIG BIG praise and thanks from me."”

“New World Order by EMBED selected youtube comments : 'Awesome stuff. Good work guys. This is my kind of music.' 'outstanding aural and visual production, absolutely wicked shit!' 'My spine tingles with this amazing infotune. Its pretty worrying when you think NWO is working like Nazi's near the end of WW2' 'Much better than pop idol ! The dumbing down of society ends now, its time to take back our planet ! Just a shame the police and army employ the low end of the IQ scale, fighting for the illusion of freedom known as democracy.' 'very nice vid! thanks for putting the time in to it!' 'Awesome work Dazz :)' "this tune is incredible, brilliant work of art, the vid packs a lot in and delivers a clear wake up punch - excellent to share around to the sleepers" 'Great stuff' 'needs moar David Icke, lol. Kidding, shit's awesome :D' 'nice video OMG ª!!! RESISTENCEEE !!' 'It Works! Nice Piece!...........Peace! .v..' ”

"One of the most original and controversial bands to ever emerge from the UK, Never have I heard such intelligent and thought provoking music that is not only bringing forward import issues, but is laced with some seriously wicked beats too !"