Elyssa Vulpes / Press

"...Elyssa Vulpes is a likeable performer, and her singing voice has a beautiful clarity to it"

“Vulpes’ bitter-sweet songs, delivered with simple clarity of self-accompanied guitar which shows off her own vocal talents to charming effect.”

“Music Comments: The Moon Whispers' doom-folk, contemporary blend of vocals stir up haunting and romantic images. In tracks such as "All Along the Shadows" and "Break Up", we're forced to look inside the darkness of our own souls. There's a lot to choose from on this massive 15-song "Pearl of Blood", including the contemplative and almost brooding title track. All in all, a mellow batch of heartfelt songs as deep as they are dark.”

“Beautifully wistful. Lovely, lovely melody. Absolutely beautiful.”

“Clear sound and beautiful lyrics. Definitely interesting song. I'll go hear a little more of this group.”

“French Boheme”

“Haunting and Wonderful!”

“Another beautiful record. In this release she is fully channeling Edith Piaf, complete with plaintive feel.Slightly melancholy but never depressing, beguiling and slightly teary. It's rich, folky storytelling with a gothic edge. Moody and magical.”

“RadioIndy is proud to present The Moon Whispers a GrIndie Award for their CD "Pearl of Blood." A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment.”

“This is absolutely terrific. I am very impressed. Being an old timer myself I always felt, that to much of todays song doing is rehearsing the past. Now this is definitively now. Thank you.”

Nic - ILike Fans

““I really enjoyed your CD (La Spirale), especially the first track. Love your work”

Liz Barry - NZ National Radio Podcast

“Beautiful expression”

Serenna (The Band) - Fans

““I was just listening to the music on your page and it sounds really cool. It’s quite different to a lot of stuff happening in Wellington at the moment”

The Actualities - Fans

“I have played your EP quite a bit and I like it a lot. It sounds great”

Andrew Maitaitai - Powertool Records

“Beautiful music”

Tane, Bar Bodega Manager - Bar Bodega News

“Your music is wonderful! And all your artwork is looking marvelous too, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on you and spreading the word”

MySpace Fans - The Koru Branch

“You guys are really good, love your CD”

Improv Noise band - Fans


Ania Glowacz - NZ MUSICIAN

“ Beautiful, challenging, moody, with great beats and good quality production. Stunning cover art too. My man says it reminds him of Portishead. You can listen to the tracks on the band's My Space or Facebook page and try before you buy.”

“ Lovely music to drift away to when you wish to turn within. Will be buying this toward mid/end December 2007 for myself as a Christmas present. Very atmospheric and good for film use.”