Elyse Therose / Press

“Listening to Erin Jeffreys’ music is like getting to peek inside her journal.”

“Elyse Therose has been taking the area by storm, with multiple albums and opening act gigs with Drivin’ N Cryin’ and the Gin Blossoms.”

“Erin Jeffreys is not your average singer/songwriter. She's more than just a double threat. She can play multiple instruments such as drums, bass, guitar and even played the trumpet in middle school. Leading her band, Elyse Therose, she schedules gigs, records her own music and even keeps up with the band's website and social media.”

“Female-fronted Destin band covers a lot of musical ground with their second release. With adult pop, rock, and semiacoustic songs, the band proves they can conquer all. The ballad “Empty” shines brightly for being unforgivingly honest and emotionally raw, along with being perfectly accentuated by a honey-dripped vocal.”


“Erin Jeffreys is in love, and she’s got the tattoos to prove it. Her tattoos of piano keys, a kick drum, and the 26-year-old’s custom Telecaster pop against the purple smoke that swirls up the musician’s leg.”

“Having recently won the 2011 University of West Florida Battle of the Bands contest and appearing as supporting act for Brooke Fraser, the Pensacola group displayed the rock sound that is quickly earning support throughout the area.”

"The night belonged to the three-member group Elyse Therose. With its strong melodic rock and passionate lyrics, it captivated the crowd and judges with the emotion conveyed in their music, and it ultimately took home the grand prize."