Ely-L DOLPHIN / Press

“I love your new video for "Twisting Stars" ! A wonderland of imagery and rhythms.”

“Very interesting and unique blend of music, rhythms, and visuals around here! Creative and full of feeling, well done, best of luck in all you put out into the world!!”

“You are Amazing...Wonderful !!!!!!!!!”

“Love the visual and audible journey your music creates; beautiful, and a sensitive touch Best wishes”

“All songs are astonishing! Great!”

“A frequency artist. Very impressive. A unique talent for visual and vibrations. Well done. :)”

“Great talent and songwriting skills on show here Leyla. Glad I stopped by.”

“Gorgeous visuals and music here! all the best”

“Great mind music. Ghost Universe 432hz is my favorite so far.”

“Gorgeous pics and music.... :-)”

“Awesome ear candy ♡ ღஜღ♡♪♫ ♩♬ ♪ ♫ ♩♬”

“Really enjoyed listening to "Ghost Universe" and "Unknown Destination". You have very creative music that I'll never get bored of! Great job :) -Steph A”

“Goood. Accurate realization. Relaxing. Congrats! 👍”

“Ahhhhhh. Very nice and calming! Lovely sounds!!!”

“Hi Ely, Listening to your music, beautiful stuff definitely very creative, especially like Cosmic Tribes, love that Hang drum style melody, great sound...! All good stuff.”

“Really enjoyed all your tracks, thanks for letting me know about you. All the songs are great fav is Landing. Awesome vid you are very clever and unique, a fan for live :-) steve”

“Beautifully weaved textures of sound!”

“You groove magnificently in a spacey, meditative way. Took my stress levels right down”

“Intriguing and with a face of its own. Cheers from Brazil”

“Ghost Universe - Truly ambient. I could imagine this in some game...”

“Ghost Universe - Very haunting, beautiful piece.”

“Beautiful, out of this world vibe!”

“Ghost Universe - Awesome atmosphere Ely-L! Very intelligent work!”

“Ghost Universe - Lovely, Leyla! Fantastic sounds!”

“Ghost Universe - nice ambience and composition of sound and effects”

“Ghost Universe - Fantastic cyclic textures! Excellent creation!!!”

“Ghost Universe - Magical ebbs of rhythm and structure in an electric breeze - amazing!”

“Landing - Really awesome work, it's proper Soundscape style atmospheric awesomeness for sure! I could see this in like a Spacey type game or something, good stuff!”

“Cosmic Tribes - Conjures images of the title! Great!”

“Unknown Destination - nice ambience to this composition-good work”

“Ghost Universe - Very beautiful sound and peaceful track. Really love it!!”

“Ghost Universe - Hauntingly beautiful, ethereal; a soothing cosmic journey. I love this!”

“Cool and breezy fantasy electronica.”

“Cosmic Tribes - freakin sweet very relaxing”

“Dreamy! So beautiful!”

“Unknown Destination is Emulative video and phenomenal musicianship.”

“Sound incredibile !!! complimenti”

“Intelligent art to the universe. Thank you for making music.”

“Thank you for finding me. Your songs are quite beautiful! They definitely entrance.”

“great music:) bella musica:) salutoni dalla francia”

“Wow, loving your music, electronic music is not my cup of tea normally, but this is something else.”

“Awesome video. Ambient style!!! All the best to you as well...”

“Fantastic music and arrangements! Bravo!”

“Otherworldly unique and magically different. What a fantastic work, keep it up!”

“Still loving your sounds! Cool pics as well!”

“Enjoying the rhythm to your music....great and original sounds.....Nice....”

“I love your music, and your new video is fantastic!”

“Awesome and soothing music and your digital art has a spectacular look and feel! I love it!”

“I like Cosmic Tribes-432, a lot. Very moody.”

“Unknown Destination - already had me at the intro!”

“Comforting music and your graphics are out of this world. Thank you for being you.”

“Great listening music, it creates a very peaceful atmosphere, and i love the sounds!”

“Wonderful atmospheric music!”

“Cosmic tribes- soothing and beautiful sound.”

“Hey ! Playing your music tonight ! YOU ROCK !”

“Excellent-soothes the mind....”

“Honestly, this really calmed me down. I've been having a really bad week and this just really made it all melt away. Thank you. Keep it up!”

“We are your new fans ! Listening to your Amazing music right now !”

“I like the beats bro. well done. cool sounds.”

“A pleasure listening to your songs!”

“I find techno relaxing and your music has an energy that is very satisfying.”

“You have a nice flow in your music : )”

“Wow. Wonderful textures. And I like the idea of432 Hz. Interesting! It teases with your imagination.”

“Great sounds...very nice and relaxing...”

“Love your music... Seriously. Much Respect.”

“Lovely! Skol, Ely-L DOLPHIN. I especially enjoyed Landing. All my best to you.”

“Bello lavoro. Complimenti e saluti dalla Spagna”

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and light! Be divine”

“Cosmic Tribes - Great music ... Turn off the lights; turn on the sound & Feel the music ...”

“Your Music is truly great! ... Love and peace and Blessings from Vienna to beautiful Tuscany (I HAVE BEEN THERE TWICE). Bernhard”

“Great Cool sounds ... Nicely done.”

“Superb rhythms and soundscapes! Best wishes from Craggie Burn.”

“Landing - Captivating piece! Great work with the subtle beat and the ambience! Congrats!”

“Wonderful soothing sounds!! Keep up the great work! ;)”

“Really cool tracks here..more please..!!”

“You bring me to another dimension... great music... awesome pict too... thanks for connecting with us.”

“Your music and your vid are as beautiful as you are! Wonderful name, deep!”

“Awesome 432hz resonance”

“Love your PsyTranscendental Music too! Keep it real and dreamy :)”

“Beautiful music and beautiful artistry. Thank you for creating.”

“Hey Ely... cool sounds here! awesome! keep up with your great work! all the best stone-e”

“Great music to meditate to. Love the vibe.”

“Amazing Melody and great transition between sounds”

“Landing is a nice song, I have been listening to you and you are awesome, now I am a fan of you here and on your social webs.”

“Mesmerizing. Great flow. CHEERS!”

“Cosmic Tribes. This is gorgeous, Leyla! Shared on #Facebook!”

“Soundscape originalissimi e texture di qualità. Felice di aver conosciuto i vostri lavori, congratulazioni.”

“Unknown Destination - Your video is more than great...Thank you...”

“Many thanks for sharing your talent with the world!”

“Cool beats and percussion. killer synth atmosphere”

“You got really beautiful music. are you an alien? regards joni;)”

“Back for more, love the transcendental vibes”

“Loving this music.You guys just have that special something that takes me into another world.Loving your creations.xxx”

“Amazing sound!”

“Unknown Destination, lovely crafted ambience signora!”

“Wow! Fin musikk as we say in norway or good music;)”

“Very Nice ... lovely Transcendental Sounds”

“Captivating and unusual sounds here!”

“Had the pleasure of listening to all three pieces of work you have posted here. Very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing on Reverb. Best wishes to you... SM”

“I think it's great that you can draw off of one talent to feed the other. Keep up the good work!”

“Very cool ... really enjoyed Cosmic Tribes ... nicely done!!”

“Very nice music ! Beautiful combination of percussion, good feeling !”

“Ely, you moved out of the box with the 432hz, in a good way. Namaste.”

“Thanks you for creating in 432Hz- it's the only frequency!”

“You are totally awesome, you have unique great music.”

“Love the music! You got an awesome sound. Can't wait to hear more!!”

“Bellissimo. Grande lavoro d'arte. Un gigantesco abbraccio.”

“Love the atmosphere of your songs! Good work!”

"Unknown Destination" Very haunting and interesting. Love it...

“I really like what you are doing. It's right up my alley. Keep composing, you have something special here! ~Nikki”

“Music that you can just kick back and chill to. Just sitting there visualizing... Love it.”

“You have a unique sound, and I can see your music being used in a lot of videos. Taking everyone to a Peaceful Fantasy Realm.”

“Cosmic Tribes, perfect balance between ambient and more traditional music, like some of the Apollo tracks by Eno/Lanois”

“Cosmic Tribes. Nice ritual feel to this percussion !!”

“Landing, love this filigree vibes :)”

“Landing, beautiful soundscape and really relaxing track. Fantastic”

“Back for some more great music. I can listen to this over and over :)”

“What a cool artistic sound, beautiful”

“Awesomeness! Thank you for sharing your creativity. I wish peace, love and plenty of joy to you and all.”

“Il vostro meraviglioso, it seems that we share the same path. Keep shining!!!!”

“Loving the trance vibes great work!!!”

“Landing, really moving electronic piece, almost Eno-like”

“Wow! My kind of music..simply love it..hard to choose a fav right now because it's all beautiful but LANDING is standing out for me at the moment..will listen more for sure...and your art work is stunning.x”

“Your songs are inspiring . Deep inner peace flows :)”

“Landing, a wonderful journey ...”

“Unknown Destination - Wow you have an amazing sound so much soul. <3”

“Very cool songs and soundscapes. Love it.”

“Dream music! you are the best!”

“Cosmic Tribes This takes you on a journey to the realm of imagination”

“Landing I definetly see the beauty in your tracks. Awesome”

“Love these sounds / this music...brings you in some kind of other atmospheres. Very unique music ... love it! Wishing you much luck in your music career! Best wishes, Victoria Eman”

“Wow. Lovely soundscape. Really enjoying this.”

“Beautiful atmospheric music painting pictures!”

“Wow, i am impressed! Great grooves and vibe. Love it... continued success, greetings Dj Antonio”

“Cosmic Tribes great sound,,,,,,,nice,,,,,,,,,,great work”

“Cosmic Tribes Awesome, just been travelling during 4 minutes ;)”

“Cosmic Tribes= this drives on so many wonderful levels. you weave a superb tapestry of grooves here.”

“Ciao Ely, grazie mille e complimenti anche a te per la tua arte. Buona musica Hi Ely, thank you so much and congratulations to you for your art”

“Landing-Very ethereal piece of music. ;-D”

“Wow, captivating vibes. Thanks. Jay P Lindsey”

“Liking the frequencies. Kundalini provoking! Cheers to you.”

“WOW!!! Your music is fantastic!! It transfixes my soul! Love your ethereal landscapes! Lon”

“Cosmic Tribes - Great feel, motion & rhythm especially on the toms part”

“Enjoyed the spherical sounding... ! Also the artwork is fabulous... !”

“Beautiful and inspired music. You've got a really delightful combination and arrangement of sounds; I hope to hear more! ❤️🎶❤️”

“Very bella music! Takes me away! :)”

“I've the feeling to flight above Los Angeles with officer Deckard when I am listening to your songs. :) There is a touch of Blade Runner OST in them. Great work!”

“Это приятно слушать, Хорошие звуки....Рад связи!!”

" Landing " wonderful sounds and track. Happy Thanksgiving.......Charles.

“Enjoying the mood and flow of your songs. Cheers!”

“Ely your tracks take your mind away to a greater place. Both Landing and Unknown Destination have great feel, emotion and production. Best of luck with future projects. All the best Rick W MTB Studios”

“Excellent work on "Unknown Destination 432-Hz" love it!!#”

“Beautiful work on "Landing 432-Hz" deep visual, atmospheric inspiration, love your vibe, excellent!!#”

“We are digging your songs as well right now! Certainly not our cup of tea, but you 've got some great beats and melodies there, both thumbs up!!”

“Unknown Destination is a great track, with really nice use of stereo imaging. All the best - Mark”

“Beautiful and soothing! Love!”

“Very inspiring sounds and artwork! Greetz from Berlin”

“Very peaceful sounds! Good for you!”

“Very relaxing, lets the imagination wonder creating images on its own. Enjoyed, thank you, be safe! Jay P Lindsey”

“Very good songs.”

“Cathartic, ethereal and special music!”

“Listening to your Great music! Awesome work! Greetings DJ Antonio”

“Wow. amazing!”

“Unknown Destination Hypnotic while evolving steadily. Very nice!!”

“Landing Beautiful details and beautiful feelings!”

“Exciting and exotic!”

“Very nice and relaxing stuff!! Go on like this and do your thing!! Best wishes from Hamburg”

“Beautiful tracks to escape to another state of mind!”

“Simply a Tantra massage... Delicious!”

“You have a very smooth and ethereal sound, Ely-L! Thank you for sharing your talents!”

“Very nice music, Ely-L!”

“~ Beautiful ~ Profound ~ Enchanted ~ Vivid ~ I feel you and magic outshines from every tone ~ Much Love and blessings ~JK~”

“Great music really enjoyed”

“Awesome love it!!”

“Relaxing, refreshing and a major dose of what the world needs!!!”

“Nice ambience and I love that you chose 432Hz. Best wishes.”

“Killer tracks! Can't wait for more!”

“Listening to your music I realize that your tunes can travel through air, earth and sea ad the importance of hearing your tunes and being your fan!”

“Nice work, very interesting sounding music and artwork you have here in your profile!”

“Cool sound travel with your tracks E-L.D; ...peace !!! Nick :)”

“Excellent music here!:-)”

“Your music is very deep and meditative, great sound!”

“Amazing! Love your music!!”

“Molto originale ... musica rilassante e d'effetto.”

“I really love your music! Beautiful sounds!”

“Unknown Destination Nice ambience, got an Orbital feel to it. Great stuff!”

“Grazie per il supporto e complimenti per la tua stupenda musica! Ciao!”

“Enjoyed listening in....Feel chilled now.....Nice....”

“Unknown Destination These sounds are just beautiful, keep it going ;)”

“Listening to Landing and its hypnotic timbre is a truly peaceful journey. I loved it.”

“Really creative sounds!”

“Enjoying the beautiful tranquility of Unknown Destination!”

“We love your great sounds! Good luck & all the best from Paul & Paul:)!”

“Great work!!”

“Landing Beautiful atmosphere! keep up the great work! :)”

“Your entry 'Landing' has won and been listed on the page http://www.scofen.com/categories/electronic-bronze-class-band-7-8”

“Impressive musical arrangement and performance. Great!”

“Landing - 432Hz. Ethereal. Focusing music. Anything seems possible in this universe. All things are beautiful. Much respect for your creation.”

“Very relaxing music digging the scope of all the sounds ! awesome!!”

“Awesome songs mahn :) Just love it”

“Enjoying some fine music here.......Ely-L DOLPHIN..!!”

“Beautiful music, atmospheric and hypnotic.”

“Your music is like a dream. I love the journey you have created with your sound!”

“Love your unique style!”