Elvis Proctor / Press

“all praises to you for the truth and honesty of your music bro..just love the spontaneous, emotional immediacy of these songs..particularly good lyric and vocal for "until the day we die"..very strong songs, refreshingly b/s free attitude!!”

mikewhitepresents - reverbnation

"If you took Blaze Foley , Townes van Zandt & GG Allin mixed them all together.........then you might have something close to Elvis Proctor!"

Tommy Deggan - Rabid Dog Press

“''From the deap,dark,depths of Chanute,Kansas comes a true heir to the Outlaw throne! Elvis Proctor's writing skills are so good,true to life,tell it like it is that its almost criminal!" ”

Dolly Shannon - fan review

"Elvis Proctor's My Last Fix is the most honest and real thing to come down the music pike in years. He speaks from the soul of everything. Whether we want to admit it or not. Im looking forward to many more great tunes from Elvis Proctor!"

Carol Elaine Brown (author, writer) - Fan review

"Elvis Proctor is a musical poetic gem from the Midwest Underground. The stories he tells are real to those of us who have walked on the wildside and wrestled our demons best out of three. You will either love E. or go back to your Hansen/Manilow mashup and wonder what the hell happened to your safe lil world!"

Bob Carty (singer/songwriter) - reverbnation

"Elvis Proctor is the best wordsmith I know"

Jay Sellers (professional songwriter /touring musician) - Review

"Elvis Proctor is one of the most underrated singer/songwriters I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. His songs are from the heart and hold true to what he has lived and experienced in his life and travels. Do yourself a favor and contact him and pick up a cd, you wont be disappointed. This is real music!!!"

Aaron Price - fan review

"Elvis proctors music is like a new drug.. once you experience the feelin of greatness of bein intoxicated you keep wantin more.. thats this mans music and lyrics.. intoxicating"

Earl Maggard (outlaw - Songwriter) - personal review

“Elvis Proctor is a songwriter whose muse can be found mainlining grain alcohol with the ghosts of Bukowski and GG Allin. His songs are not for the faint- hearted...his music is raw and genuine...and devastating in its unflinching portrayal of life's beautiful grotesqueries. ”

Jud Block (songwriter) - Personal Review