Elton Adams / Press

“Soldier Elton Adams delivers an incredibly classic and epic rock album . His voice is loud, energetic, anthemic, melodic and bold. Elton's music rocks your soul and sticks in your head and the ballads are beautiful and real. With a name like that and massive heartfelt but fun songs how can he go wrong ? " -Matchbox Radio 24. ”

“Lock and Load (with Canada's Heroes) recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of Canadian soldiers everywhere. From humanitarian aid in earthquake stricken Haiti, to reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan to patrolling Canada’s own high arctic, MCpl Adams’ song is a poignant reminder of the contributions and efforts of these extraordinary Canadians”

“Elton Adams, Canada's most exciting and fresh new rock artist who also happens to have served his time in the army in Afghanistan. Watch out James Blunt you are about to be out ranked. ”

“Elton Adams is an up and coming artist with a bright future. His honest approach to song writing and performing is evident in everything that he does in his career. I have had the opportunity to work as his music producer and his music mentor. Elton knows how to tell a great story and delivers it with passion and conviction. Through producing Elton’s debut album we have become friends with a mutual respect for one another’s talents. Elton has been featured on our Denmark Productions Halifax Plugged – In 8 compilation CD that was just released summer 2009. He has also been getting radio play on Q104 and CKBW because of his solo project and Halifax Plugged – In 8. ”

“(What a Soldier Left Behind) The scope and scale of Adams’ music is epic and dreamlike. This fairly long song meanders through a dreamscape of emotion and emotive music to transcend your state of mind. Powerful feelings and emotive expression are the key tools of Adams’ trade and here he showcases both to good effect. ”

“‘Lock and Load’ is a new-age, modern anthem that commemorates our new- age military in every aspect. Just as our Canadian troops readied themselves to fight for the suppressed and our everyday freedoms, the song asks our public to also ready themselves for our returning soldiers in 2011. ”

“Elton Adams - Shut up(demo version) David says: Shut Up is a stripped-down guitar track that relies effectively on its sparseness for its punch. A sung-shouted vocal line drops perfectly around the simple chord progression to create a powerful simple song. http://www.myspace.com/eltonadams ”

“Drawing from his own tour of war-torn Afghanistan, Master Corporal Elton Adams had a wealth of experiences to turn to create a song (Lock and Load) that’s hitting all the right notes with his superiors. ”