El Pueblo / Press

“The cover image of El Pueblo’s new cd, a map of the Caribbean, pretty much says it all: they play just about every style of reggae ever invented, including some they can take credit for coming up with themselves.”

“While many of these names might be familiar to you, I assure you that there's not a lemon in the bunch here. It's also expertly mixed by DJ Obah”

“The album ends with El Pueblo’s "Ina Funky Dub" that’s heavy on the jazz guitar influences, but still retains a lot of world music flair.”

“INA FUNKY DUB shines with a reggae inspired funky dub that’ll make you scream out “Ya mon!””

“All proceeds from this album are going to charitable organizations NextAid and South Africa’s Youth with a Vision, which is reason enough to drop some do-re-mi on the release, perhaps. Then again, the music contained therein should be plenty.”