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“Armed with only an acoustic and/or National steel guitar, this woman of the mountains can weave all manner of spells with authoritative, expert fingerpicking, propulsive strumming, and snaky slide. A voice that is by turns resigned (“Square One”), determined (“Walkin’ Off the Blues”), worldly wise (“Mother Earth”), and sexy (“Rock Me Baby”) rides atop spare, confident accompaniment (mostly just Wininger, with occasional help from her friends). Wininger shows assurance as an interpreter on the psychedelic rock anthem “Somebody to Love” and the Brill Building classic “Crying in the Rain” by slowing down, giving each song new depth and breadth, letting resonant chords linger, and squeezing ache and desire out of every syllable she sings. This is impressive stuff, executed with deceptive calm. Part Time Paradise is both lively and laidback, ending with the stunner “Don’t Wait,” a shining carpe diem ballad that will have you running for a loved one and embrac”

““Elly is one amazing musician. She's got incredible vocal range from sweet ballads & haunting harmonies to gut wrenching blues. She's one smoking guitar player with some red hot licks & some smokin' finger pickin'.””

“To Paraphrase Duke Ellington: ‘She’s Beyond Category.’ Who is Elly Wininger? She’s many people, as evidenced by this really neat CD. She’s first and foremost a songwriter since all but one track are self penned. But she also plays a cool acoustic guitar as evidenced by the instrumental “Macroids.” She’s got a style foreveryone from blues to “New Country” to Latin pop (“Downtown Serenade” could be a hit single on CHR radio!). Actually, it’s hard to pigeon-hole this artist. Here humor shines through on both the leadoff track “Housewife from Hell” and the self-deprecating “”I Can’t Help It If I’m White”. The backup band here is an array of great Northeastern talent. David Bromberg plays lead on “Walkin’, etc.” and Larry Packer is there on violin and viola. Elly apparently spent time raising her family and is now back writing. There’s something for everyone on this disc. It’s multi-genre from a multitalented artist.” ”

Steve Ramm - Anything Phonographic

““Where do I start with the praise for Elly Wininger’s recent concert? Her wonderful personal songs have a rich story-telling vein that reach out to my own memories of life. Her renditions of songs by other artists that we all remember, artists like Roger Miller, Patsy Cline, and Carole King, evoke wonderful recollections of music we all love. Then there is Elly's marvelous playing of her acoustic and slide guitars. What a joy to hear her play! Finally, there is Elly herself, a wonderful, funny, and wise woman who is great to get to know. Yes, I recommend Elly Wininger to you.” ”

Andrew Crow - Concerts in Your Home

“Wow! Really good! For example, Loser's Game is one of those songs where you swear you know it and say to yourself, "It's great to hear that one again, been a long time." I guess it's just some kind of weird luck that you ever hit on a tune that feels that way on first hearing. And the band! Spare, understated, relaxed, and brilliantly played. Anyway, I'm so pleased, and relieved, to be able to be so wholeheartedly enthusiastic about one of these preview-of-someone's performance assignments.” ”

Spider Barbour - Ulster Publishing

"Folk-blues legend Elly Wininger learned her chops in the midst of the New York City urban folk boom. Her playing reflects her associations with musicians like David Bromberg and the late Steve Burgh. Between the incredible picking and twangy blues acoustic guitar you’ll chuckle at the humor of this self-proclaimed “Housewife from Hell.” Elly’s gotten rave reviews from her performances at the Hudson Valley’s well-known Acoustic Thursdays series in High Falls, New York."

"Wininger has a way with words and infectious melodies....the moving 'Next Year' is a stunning standout...'Macroids' is a sparkling instrumental...."

David Malochowski - Kingston Freeman

"Don't Wait.” (from "Part Time Paradise") is so simple and deep at the same time. The deceptively compact guitar arrangement and gentle, understated vocal are a great framework for such bold and positive English mantras. It's a six-minute meditation that reaches me and refreshes me each time I hear it. Thanks so much for this song and for your performance!

Dennis Douglas - Mind Over Matter, Inc.

““Thank you for your CD, "Part Time Paradise." It is a wonderful album. Your tunes are wonderfully crafted. The guitar playing is superb. I was thinking how nice it is to hear your playing without other instruments for a change because I can really hear some great licks. Your style really fills the space well, without sort of wishing there was more fill. Congratulations. ”

James Kopp - Kopp Associates

"Gracious in demeanor, Wininger's song topics pass as contemporary subjects of engaging wit, but the woman is a musical explosion. Her picking is rhythmically powerful, her articulation of notes, to the tenth square of any given chord, with classical subliminals...finding and giving grace to Acoustic Thursdays sessions.”

Kitty Montgomery - Daily Freeman