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“Ellysa Rose gives you one thing, and then surprises you with another. With a sweet take on pop, she could stand alongside Christina Perri. “Content With a Memory” isn’t what I expected. Rose proves that you can never judge a book by its cover. On the outside, she appears to be an Avril Lavigne type; a punk rocker with a pop side. Instead this song comes through like a true blue singer songwriter. It sounds like a song that would make the four chairs on “The Voice” turn around. It’s clear that this is a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. Even when she’s covering other people’s songs – it’s crystal. She takes on Wiz Khalifa’s touching track from the “Furious 7” soundtrack, “See You Again” and creates this haunting presence with it. Rose has a great grasp on who she is an an artist from “Content” to “Be Free.” She’s like if you took Anna Kendrick in “Pitch Perfect” and blended her with Cassadee Pope. If you’re a fan of constructed pop tha”

““You’ve got the world before you, but you’re blind. Always putting your heart over mind.” I am a firm believer in letting the heart lead in many things but you have to let your mind be the balancer or you make bad decisions..” Ellysa Rose”

“One of the things I most love about music, is that it has the ability to transcend barriers. Ellysa’s unique voice and honest lyrics are such that you often walk away inspired to look at things differently. With so many “fluff” type songs circulating today, and the rising popularity of auto-tuned artists her age who do not write any of their own songs, I was interested to hear about her process of creating music. “There’s the more selfish aspect where I get to be introspective and check in with myself, and really get down to business of how I’m feeling. I always say that when I write it feels like I’m meditating. Because afterwards, I can’t even remember how I wrote the song and I sort of freak out and wonder if I’ll ever write another good song again…and then next week, you know, I write another one. I guess I just love being in the moment and expressing yourself in such a vulnerable way, so that you can see your situation more clearly. And then on the other end, I”

“The ever so talented Ellysa Rose releases yet another music video. We've been saying this since we first posted her in July with her debut video and song on COM, if you're looking for the next big female sensation then look no more, here she is. At just 18 years old Ellysa has the voice of a goddess that is nearly flawless. It's scary to think where she might be a few years or even months. A favorite of COM's no dobut. Hopefully much more to come from the Michigan native.”

“The amazing singer/songwriter, Ellysa Rose, is back with her second music video. Her debut video, "Content With a Memory", was a big hit on WayUpHere and made the Top 10 for that week back when she released it. This new music video is entitled "Be Free," and Ellysa, with her beautiful voice and passionate songwriting, shows us all that the next big female artist is developing right in front of us. Not to mention, she is only 18 years old. Ellysa has the potential to do BIG things so be on the lookout for her to start blowing up even more now. Enjoy this amazing song and be sure to support Ellysa by going to iTunes and buying this s - See more at: http://www.wayuphere.com/week/#/videos/ellysa-rose-be-free-official-music-video/”

“ My goodness. If you're looking for the next big female hit, then look no further than Ellysa Rose from Michigan. Her voice blew us away with her first song and video, Content With A Memory. Now her second song, Be Free, is even better than the first. Cannot stop listening to these songs or get them out of my head. Amazing voice and songs from the 18 year old singer and songwriter. You can stream them all from the Reverbnation below, but buy these on iTunes they are flawless.”

“So I'm out here on the COM's Twitter and I see someone tweet me about a teenager from Michigan taking the Internet by storm. So I figured, ok let me check this out see what this is all about. Was not expecting this from a 17 year old at all. I was blown away. Earlier today I was thinking, man whoever finds the next person with a voice like Ellie Goulding before they get big is gonna be a genius. Now, I'm not saying she's the next Ellie Goulding but Ellysa Rose has an amazing voice. This song and video are terrific. Excited to see what else she has in store. Something different for your Thursday evening.”

“**CLICK LINK FOR FULL INTERVIEW** Who’s Ellysa Rose? I’m an outgoing, boisterous, 17 year-old singer/songwriter. How did you get started in the music scene? I started writing music when I was 12, but didn’t pick up my first guitar until I was 15. After teaching myself, I started performing at local fairs and summer festivals in my home state of Michigan. Just as I turned 17, I moved to LA and started doing lots of open mic nights, performing anywhere from 2-5 times a week. I was asked to play in the Wicked Music Festival at the Key Club in Hollywood, where I placed 2nd, which really put me on the map as an artist. I’ve been booking and playing shows at places like Whisky a Go Go, Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill, and Saddle Ranch at Universal Citywalk ever since. What are your music influences? The Beatles, Billy Joel, All Time Low, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are my main influences. I have a very broad taste in music, so I draw upon my eclectic music library to add elements...”

“WJR Radio Station, The Warren Pierce Show, 11/23/2012 An excerpt from Ellysa’s live interview with Warren Pierce and performance on Detroit’s WJR radio station…“The guitar of Ellysa Rose, the lyrics inspired by some of the roadblocks she encountered up in Interlochen. For example, when instead of being the star of the play, she was painting the scenery for the play. Take it away Ellysa! (Ellysa performing Unbreakable live in the studio) Not Bad! Ellysa Rose! She’s got all the sites too. twitter @ellysarose, facebook/likeellysarose. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well” …“Maybe we will see you on American Idol or the Voice in the very near future.” (To hear the entire interview, go to www.ellysarose.com) ”

“Hi Ellysa,   You sounded fabulous on with Warren last week! I hope you received some good feedback from friends and family....Best of luck, Katherine Leslie   ”

Katherine Leslie, Producer - WJR Radio Station, Detroit MI