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Ellis Ashbrook / Press

“Ellis Ashbrook may best be described as a contemporary experimental rock group from Brooklyn, New York. But there is really is no way to pigeon hole this incredible band.”

“Meridia comes highly recommended because it’s not confined to rules and proves that this sound is not dead nor even rehashed. This is fresh stuff. Bottom line: A wonderful rock album. Male and female singers, devilish drum and bass, and everything you’d ever ask for in a rock album.”

“Mercurial NY-based band are steeped in deep-track classic rock influences. Call it cosmic-hippie-psych-prog on the tunes "Unbreakable" and (with a whiff of Jefferson Airplane) "Climax," both sung by Natalie Lowe whose lofty delivery fits the lyrics' swirl of existential epiphanies. Radically different, however, is the song "Cat," a chunky, percussive, uber-funky weed-rocker, sung by John Barber. Though they can seem like two distinct bands in need of consistency, EA's schizo-sonics could by right on target to hit the next wave of progressive music.”

“Brooklyn-based Ellis Ashbrook is back with their third album of intriguing, hard driving modern psychedelic rock music. I have heard the term genre-bending, and although that may apply to many Brooklyn bands, this band is bending out some acute angles here. First and foremost, this is rock music. They have psychedelic touches, progressive rock jams, funk rhythms, and several lighter touches of many sub-genres. This is a long player, and although there are moments when my mind wanders, I am usually back quickly enough as this band always has something up its sleeve to snap me back at attention. There is some skill in the song writing, clearly, and the arrangements are big and bold.”

“Ellis Ashbrook – Meridia: Much like the Phenomenal Handclap Band, this album seems deeply inspired by the 70s and bears a resemblance to Pink Floyd, Return to Forever and other acts that played with funk, rock and jazz. I think they actually do it much better than Phenomenal Handclap Band because there’s a sense that the musicians can improvise at will.”

“Ellis Ashbrook aims to bend genres and make a sound that is completely unique. They succeed in the quest in their most recent album, Meridia. They sound dirty and grungy one moment and the next fun and bubbly. There are hints of acid-trippy music, like some of the Beatles’ later work. And, like most occasionally grungy sound, you can hear echoes of Nirvana.”

“Taking extras spices found in the likes of Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, The Smashing Pumpkins, Ween, and Pink Floyd to name a few, Ellis Ashbrook manipulates them into their own unique sound to offer something which is as we said at the start rather special. Meridia is a gift for the ear, time to treat yourselves.”

“They've got a great career going for them. I've heard some samples of their first two albums and it was pretty good and their new album Meridia is in your face and takes prog and psych to another level.”

“Music so powerful, you’d think they were playing to save their lives.”

“Take one listen to Ellis Ashbrook and immediately you will feel like you’ve been transported back to the 1960s. The psychedelic pop and rock music that reigned over the era has been updated and reintroduced.”

“The band Ellis Ashbrook is one of the most important bands that has surfaced in many years. Although I come from a jazz background and love good rock music, I am truly impressed with the originality of the band which gives me hope that there is still good rock music being recorded and performed live. Love you kiddies!”

"The Good Doctor" Michael D. Anderson - WFMU-FM

“To us they sound like early Red Hot Chili Peppers, had the Peppers’ drug of choice been LSD instead of smack.”

The Grand Victory (Brooklyn, NY venue)

“Call it rock fusion if you will. Blending several subgenres into their own unique brand of art rock, Ellis Ashbrook deliver an intriguing set of songs echoing Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and others. They step outside the box, mixing traditional rock with original sonic embellishments. Ellis Ashbrook got their start in Boston's legendary basement party scene where they were a regular fixture before making the move to New York City. Wrapping up their fourth week in residency at this popular lower East Side venue, the foursome captures audiences with songs like "Therefore, However and So Forth." Their display of virtuosic guitar solos and an overall collage of rhythmic rapture culminates with an over-the-top version of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer." Ellis Ashbrook put an artistic spin on a traditional genre. With their intense commitment and common vision they have created a synergy with their music which is complex, interesting highly skilled and full of showmanship.”

“Great fun to be had taking a listen to Ellis Ashbrook, wholesome progressive rock meets exploration and a side-step to a mix of genres. Each piece sits on its own plinth, distinct and complete. I even found some ska references bouncing over the parapet. Highly capable musicians wander over much ground. This is a band to listen to – much like an evening in a mixed cocktail bar, you may not know what is coming next, but you know it will be sublime. Unlike the aforementioned cocktail mixing – time with Ellis Ashbrook results in a morning of where is the re-play button, not headache tablets. The more I listen, the more impressed I become by the skills and structures of the material. It is the sheer diversity which instead of becoming a weakness, is in fact the real strength of the band. A plethora of sounds and tempos appear over a series of tracks, each played and stirred in to the mix with panache and consummate skill.”

“The intertwining and harmonizing vocals of Natalie Lowe and guitarist John Barber create the foundation of Ellis Ashbrook’s atmospheric and encompassing sound. The Brooklyn quartet's melodic vocals command the listener's attention while the backing band offers a spectrum of sonic options embracing hard rock, rock-pop and in some cases even funk-metal a la Rage Against the Machine.”

“Yes, there was a sense that the audience was mesmerized. Sonically, their influences sound like a mix of a buzzing Dark Side of the Moon and Animals-era Pink Floyd, with bits of jazz fusion, Parliament Funkadelic funk (I’m thinking of a track like “Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication” off Mothership Connection) and New Wave. Most of the material they played was from their excellent album Meridia and live they sounded pretty close to how they would sound on the album. After playing their album a number of times, there isn’t a track that I didn’t like, and I was glad to hear them live. I honestly found myself liking the album even more after catching them live. Overall, they play a fun, energetic set and I think that I’ll be catching more of them in 2012. I was impressed by the sound and can’t wait to see what the future brings for such a talented group.”

“After watching an Ellis Ashbrook show, it’s hard not to feel cheated by many of the other bands one has gone out to see. They make the other guys look like they’re just not trying very hard.”

“Ellis Ashbrook's set was filled with songs spanning all three of their albums, including their newest album, Meridia, which was released in May. It is hard to put Ellis Ashbrook into one particular genre. Their sound is a mix of psychedelic, indie, funk, jazz and rock, a mixture the band calls “exploratory rock ‘n’ roll.” It was very evident while the band was playing that they have a great degree of musicianship. They looked as if they really felt everything that they played. From the moment that the band got on the stage, the whole room started to swell with dedicated fans that seemingly came out of nowhere. Ellis Ashbrook's set was the best attended of the night, and definitely the most active. Everyone seemed to get up and start dancing along, getting into the groove laid down by the band's funky "exploratory rock" sound. With a set that ranged from laid back psychedelic, to hard rock and more, Ellis Ashbrook have carved out a niche music style that goes unmatched.”

“Ellis Ashbrook, where do I even begin. I like going to shows without listening to a bands music so I can really give an unbiased review. When I looked at the bands pictures online I thought it would be some lovey dovey tunes, so I had Mel from fauxrealfashion.blogspot.com tag along to give a ladies point of view if need be. I must say I was way off. Yes I was wrong! Don’t get use to it. Ellis Ashbrook brought the funk, the jazz, the soul and rock n roll! Their music definitely makes you happy and you have no choice but to move some part of your body to the the rhythm.”

"From the moment that the band got on the stage, the whole room started to swell with dedicated fans that seemingly came out of nowhere. Ellis Ashbrook's set was the best attended of the night, and definitely the most active. Everyone seemed to get up and start dancing along, getting into the groove laid down by the band's funky 'exploratory rock' sound. With a set that ranged from laid back psychedelic, to hard rock and more, Ellis Ashbrook have carved out a niche music style that goes unmatched."

"Last Wednesday night I saw Brooklyn-based Ellis Ashbrook perform at Bowery Electric. If I had to sum the show up in one word it would have to be fun. For the first time in a long time I saw a crowd truly enjoying themselves. From start to finish the audience was dancing and singing along without having to be encouraged by the band. It was a great sight to see."

“Local outfit Ellis Ashbrook offers intriguing sounding alt rock that draws on prog, grunge funk-metal in equal measures.”

Time Out New York

“Ellis Ashbrook is really the greatest rock band of the 21st century, and one of Brooklyn’s best kept not-so-secrets at this point.”


“Although they may celebrate being back in NYC on their website, having recently moved to Brooklyn, Ellis Ashbrook is a Boston band. And in every way, the foursome represents the best of Berklee, with music that is virtuosic but not over the top, experimental without being unlistenable. As the complete package, they also had a hand in engineering and mixing their second CD, Assemblage. It's a hell-fueled, spiraling rock record. Check out "$avior Self" as a prime example. Welcome them back to Boston, Friday at Bill's Bar.”

Weekly Dig

“It just seems that everyone in this band has serious chops. That's right, sounds like some skilled musicians here...Their rock 'n' roll romp, "They Say," put my air guitar in motion, and the ballad "By Finger Tips" gave me the urge to re-consummate my marriage. The vocals are strong throughout and drummer Alex Major puts down rhythmic mayhem during the song "Dig Thru.”

The Noise

“A super versatile rock/soul/blues/reggae/funk/progressive band with fantastic guitar chops”

The Blackstone Club