Ellie Fabe / Press

"I haven't felt this good listening to music since Bo Wood turned me onto Norah Jones way before she was a star. I feel these songs....and YOU shine through. Listening today to the reverbnation page of yours and thinking about things. Sometime we need to catch up and share our Mary and Lee Iacocca dinner story. In a happy place listening to you sing. ‪#‎quicksilvermoon‬"

Brian Simpson - Cincinnati, Ohio

"Listening through Devil May Care, and stopping myself to repeat songs and backtrack phrases. You really nailed this album."

Joey Hendrickson - Founder, Columbus Songwriters Association - Columbus, Ohio

“There is a resurgence in music. It is a rebirth, an epiphany of the natural sound. Thank you Ellie for being on the cutting edge, re-establishing techniques and styles lost in the electric montage. Now again we seek and enjoy a clarity, masterfully played and arranged. You are doing with a nuanced edge what was done to songs like Scarborough Fair, now 300 years old. However yours are more pure, more reticent, giving us, the listener a vast landscape of pools, glens, meadows and springs upon which to enjoy the deeply rich and harmonic celebration of your music. Thank you so much for sharing your musical vision with us. Ellis Stewart VIOLET VIRGIN RECORDING STUDIO -Lafayette, Louisiana”

Ellis Stewart Lafayette, Louisiana - fb

“[Ellie] is a musical genius -- check out "Sometimes It Happens"”

Mia Simpson - Louisville, KY

“Ellie Fabe is the best folk performer I've heard in months! Can't wait until she has an album out.”

“The mind blowing lyricist Ellie Fabe--”