Elle Sera / Press

"This album is the biggest surprise on this list because this artist and this album came out of seemingly nowhere for me. Every year I have that one album that I go from not on my radar to absolutely loving. This is that album this year. Elle Sera is a Connecticut born artist who has appeared on Broadway among other places. On her debut EP don’t expect show tunes though. This is some seriously soulful and countrified rock n’ roll. Sera has the pipes to knock it out of the park and the music itself follows the Mississippi River from New Orleans up to Chicago. Picture a cross between Emmylou Harris and Shamekia Copeland.

"Beautiful. Listening to Elle Sera is like, well, going to church. She sings with such soul and heart. But edgy. Slinky. It’s kind of a whiskey drinking, dirty church. There should be more Elle Sera everywhere…along with her top-notch band. This album makes me wanna shimmy! “Lies” is one of those songs that just sticks in your head and you just keep humming “pretty little lies”. It’s an album that I’d like to have on actual vinyl so I can play it on sunny summer Sunday."

“Beautiful lyricist and musician will sweep you away.”

Gen Art Festival

“Listening to her cd you don’t expect that the woman is barely five foot tall, petite and downright pixie-like.”

Trumbull Times

““I must say that I have my preferences amongst the musicians who play here and that Elle Sera’s mature, professional and totally authentic attitude is high on my list. She writes in a folk/country style with integrity and great musicality. She chooses her band well and connects with an audience through choices of song that mirror personal experiences with which most people who have tried to love another can easily identify. You feel as if she’s speaking to you personally, such is the strength of her songs. Elle doesn’t have to show-off, her music stands tall. She is a total professional and can drift through the occasional changes of plan with great aplomb and an awareness that unforeseen changes can often produce creative opportunities.””

Eric Hathaway - Sometime in Long Island City

““My definition of "designed to fail": being a singer-songwriter following DB Rielly's band outdoors late on a school night when everyone's into their third (fifth...we are going straight to hell) drink. You wanna talk about relationships NOW? Elle Sera proved my doubts hollow. Everyone notices her voice: full, strong, and textured. But it's her songwriting that held us there, as her stories are just quirky enough, her chord changes fresh and angular; her solid strumming holds everything together without intruding on her story-telling.””

John Roselli - LIC Notes