Elles Bailey / Press

"An amazing singing voice....here is a young girl willing to work hard and earn peoples respect and appreciation" Steve Mellen - The Post

““A hard working performer with a huge amount of talent. We predict great things for Elles Bailey.” Shaun Curnow -Clifton Matters Magazine.”

Shaun Curnow - Clifton Matters

“'Elles Bailey actively fosters a incredible vocal talent'”

Emma Wood - Western Eye

“Elles Bailey is no stranger to the Bristol music scene having been around longer than LMS has. These days Elles is going it alone with one hell of a powerful set of lungs on her. Her voice rang out on stage as she played her own music (including a brand new song that she’d only got back an hour or so before) and covers including ‘Moves Like Jagger’. Elles holds a natural grace and confidence that saw her undaunted at starting the night off. Her ability to be confident meant that she wasn’t even embarrassed to be reading lyrics for some of her new songs. Prepare to be amazed at the sound of this girls’ voice!”