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“Playing around with proven formulas is fine, but every so often, you want some handclaps, lilting layered harmonies and habit-forming melodic hooks, delivered by a vocalist in full control of her abilities. Ellen Once Again effortlessly delivers such pleasures repeatedly over the course of these four songs, which linger long after the final notes fade.”

“Down on yourself or not, EllenOnceAgain's latest EP offers up as many self-esteem boosting moments as it does instantly relatable hooks. It'd be super-uplifting even it wasn't such a great pop record.”

“Texas singer-songwriter Ellen Hinton who goes under the moniker Ellen Once Again is seeing success with songs placements. Ellen who was inspired by Whitney Houston & Bill Withers in her formative years has developed into a top tier indie pop songwriter.”

“the most infectious and radio-ready cut here is far and away Anything, a sunny anthem it’s easy to imagine in heavy rotation alongside Sara Bareilles or Elle King. Live fairly brims with vitality, marking Hinton as a local musician to keep tabs on.”

“We sometimes like to change things up a bit & fell in love with this song! Thought it was super cute and worked well with giant ice cream sandwichnessses :).”

“Ellen Once Again is an artist who expresses herself in a soulful pop sound that is both original and addictive.”

“There are many types of talents out there, but one that shines bright is Ellen Hinton, who does not hide behind layers of studio processing and wins over the crowds just by her own pure and divine voice and acoustic instruments- TC Helicon”

“Ellen delivers a unique sound with delightful hints of nostalgia, creating a beautiful listening experience.”

“Ellen Once Again (aka Ellen Hinton) is a contemporary, passionate and highly skilled songwriter and musician. She has melded soul, pop, and a touch of folk with a seasoned and moving voice to form her very own exclusive and remarkable sound. Her music can set the mood on one song and make you feel like you are in a coffeehouse and then on the next song make you feel like you’re in a fantasy. Trust me, you can’t help but smile and sing along and forget all your troubles. And that is an extremely rare talent these days.”

“Sometimes you just get unexpectedly SMACKED in the face with talent! I'm still reeling from the mundane task of looking on Youtube for VoiceJam videos and finding THIS cover by EllenOnceAgain. It's utterly fabulous - and deserves to be shared by the thousands.”

“Ellen is one part Adele, Sinatra, and Colbie Caillat, her songs offer a world of possibilities to her audience and help lift spirits and refresh the atmosphere. Ellen Hinton should be a staple of anyone easy listening playlist.”

Auditory Asylum

“There is not a way you aren't famous yet! You are amazing, if any music producer skips [The Way I Am-Cover] up, they need a reality check this is the best video”

“Ellen Once Again is the kind of artist that reminds me why I love music! Her songs are uplifting, inspiring, and filled with hope! And to top it off her voice is so sweet and soulful, well it's just pure listening pleasure!" ”

-Adam Schoch, artist

“I have to tell you I have a huge Music and Geek Crush on this gal – HUGE. Go take a listen to Ellen Once Again, she’s the perfect sound for a summer afternoon.”

Coastal Chick

“You should certainly check her [Ellen] out. She has a great sound and great message about spreading love which is what we’re all about here @ HeartGlow Living Radio... and Chasing Rainbows.. I chose it especially for the show on tonight. .. it’s a great song; Very nice; I like the energy behind the song.”

HeartGlow Living Radio

“Spreading the Love... is a very beautiful track...If that a hint of what the EP is going to be like, it’s gonna be a good album and i’d like to listen to the rest. ...Awesome Stuff! Yes, We’ll keep an eye out for her material definitely. hmmm mmm”

Carol & David Lee - The Bugcast Yorkshire UK

““Fantastic new song Chasing Rainbows by Ellen Once Again, from her album Spreading The Love. It’s a lot of fun! She's a soul sister and she looks fabulous.”

Fausto Ferno - Feast of Fun

“Chasing Rainbows - I love this song which reminds me of a fairground ride and smiling faces (to be specific!). We might be chasing rainbows ourselves soon if it makes you feel this good.”


“Plasticland by Ellen Once Again, singer-songwriter from Texas. Really nice little poppy song with a bit of enjoyment and i play these sort of songs but it just grabbed me and i found it really interesting, enticing so I said I gotta play it somebody might really enjoy this one!”

Matthew & Edge Radio 99.3 - B Grade Online / It’s A Podcast, On The Radio

“Spreading The Love, A big thumbs up from Michael Angel, I love the tune!”

Michael Angel - Michael Angel Cosmic Grab Bag

“Ellen Hinton (aka EllenOnceAgain) has created a new iPad based song and iPhone video showing off her incredible musical talent and creativity...Congratulations Ellen on this one, we love it!”

James - iPadCreative

“Ellen Once Again has produced a great music video using Pianist Pro that is definitely worth checking out here. There is a good example of the use of Pianist Pro as a MIDI sound source being driven by an external MIDI controller keyboard”

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