Elle Casazza / Press

“Casazza’s voice is sultry and chilling, her wheelhouse a mix of soul and jazz. But her songs are set to the rhythm of a pop vibrato. All of these elements concoct Elle Casazza’s style, and her sound—the folky violin, the bouncing ivories, bluesy guitar trills—projects the kind of richness that lassos listeners off the street and ropes them into her show.”

“Floating effortlessly between pop, rock, jazz, and everything in between, Elle’s original music has a very classic sound to it.”

“this EP is a dazzling array of jazz and folk with a dash of funkiness. Between Casazza’s classic vocals, and her backing band’s sway, the five tracks take me to a dark, cocktail table laden room off of Lake Michigan. From the swinging self-titled opener, to the gossamer and folky “Foolish Ones,” and the funk-filled “Fine Be That Way,” I feel like I am served up a delicious plate of jazz-pop tapas, all locally sourced and originally cooked, er, written.”

“Elle Casazza’s voice and guitar work blend into a radio-friendly sound somewhere between Joni Mitchell and Lenka.”