Ella Minnow / Press

“In other words, the band is writing what they know. Wallace grew up influenced by his parents’ involvement in Denton’s light opera and musical theater companies, hence the moodiness of songs like “Black Apple” and “Storm System,” both creating a theatrical atmosphere with rock opera flourishes. Price is grooving on old school blues and prog rock these days, which come through in occasional piano chords that hearken back to ragtime or veer into flashes of jazz. In “Indian Giver,” drummer Stephen Reynolds’ love of hip-hop rhythms comes to the surface not with a booing bass, but by changing the track’s energy with snare and cymbal. Hip-hop might be known for throbbing bass beats, but the form also feeds melody on the treble end of things.”

“So what if Ella Minnow’s latest recording has just six tracks on it? There’s enough sound and sophistication for both longtime fans and newcomers to parse on Red Beard, a record that has plenty of bang for its thrifty buck.”

“Ella Minnow took the stage next, and instantly the vibe changed with the introduction of one important element: familiarity. The party had suddenly turned into one of dancing and singing with people you know and love, and boy was that feeling contagious. As the band played mostly cuts from last year’s Ella Minnowtaur, the audience (at its peak size of the concert) was clearly absorbed in Ella Minnow’s quirky grooves and enjoying themselves thoroughly.”

"Ella Minnow (Denton). You know I loves me some Ella Minnow, and this show was no exception. My iphone notes: "Suddenly added 3 female singers, one wif hands planted firmly in pockets, one oh-so-sexy wif holes in her pantyhose, one wif hands planted firmly at her sides, all of them looking horribly uncomfortable, but doing a nice job. Love this band. Jeezus Christ. Fuckin orgasmic. So in love. "

“ella minnow - holy shit, ella minnow kicked my ass. totally different take on them vs. the first time i saw 'em. songs kinda all over the map - some early-radioheadish stuff, some bluesy numbers, some 4/4 downbeat-happy songs, some wall of sound anthemic rock, some instrumentals - and all of it was fantastic.”

“Ella Minnow headlined, and holy shite, this band is phenomenal. I officially Fell In Love with Ella Minnow last night. Seen them a couple times before, and my appreciation of their talent grows every time.”

“Later that year the guys released The Quick & the Clean, an EP of buzzing guitars, wailing vocals and jazzy rhythms. Ella Minnow finds fresh beats and rocks a little harder on new EP Blue Bear/Orange Shield, which it'll release at a show on Friday.”

“[Their] sound itself doesn’t reflect this, but Ella Minnow, out of Denton, definitely attracted more of the younger crowds with their unique blend of a saxophone, keyboard, and screaming vocals. Over 30 teens and young adults moved to the front of the room, near the stage, to stand and watch when they came on.”

“Some of the live performers I caught in my Dallas early-goings were really fucking good: indie rockers Ella Minnow, etc”