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“One of our tunes 'Our Way Out' by Elizabeth Storms is the first song on this podcast. It is from the CD 'The Fire Within' available on iTunes @ https://itunes.apple.com/album/id732918161 The Indie Artist Spotlight - November 17th 2014 by SunStock Music on SoundCloud”

“The opening music immediately engaged me. The female singer had an appealing country like voice and delivered the lyrics well. Pleasant to listen to and well balanced to make a pleasing whole. The lyrics held my attention as there was a story to it.”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“What a clear voice this singer has. Her voice has great melody. The simplicity of the guitar playing lets the singer's voice shine. This is such a natural sounding piece. It is a breathe of fresh air. The music and the singing go together so well this song sounds very professional.”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“The song is very relatable to me, but it does sound pleasant with the cowbell and the acoustic guitar. It is actually a nice country song with the unique accent and sounds. I do enjoy listening to this song simply for the pleasant sounds and relaxing voice, this does have hit potential.”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“Great funky tune to intro. I love how awesome the guitar sound. And th vocals are really original. I think the song makes you want to drive with the top down. It is a romantic song. It is very well organized.”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“Starting out the guitar caught me right away. Hearing the singer then kept me. Wonderful voice, the rhythm was consistent throughout the entire song. The words are really telling a great story. Enjoyed it very much!”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“it has a strong bass. Good lyrics and a wonderful sound the vocals are going great. the background .sound is a loud soft sound with a smooth bass. the rhythm is good the lyrics have a strong yet confident menage.”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“I really enjoyed this song it had a great tune that made you want to listen to it. I would highly suggest that people listen to it. I felt like it was a fun tune with great singers and i would recommend it for elder genre of people.”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“The vocalist has an interesting voice. I can't really pinpoint who she sounds like but it is really soothing to my ears. The artist's lyrics are catchy and grab my attention quickly. The guitar brings a folk vibe to the song and captures the vocalists voice in the best way possible.”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“The song sounds like it would fit very well into a movie. Most likely in a romantic comedy. The guitar is spot on! The lyrics really speak to me as well. This song definitely has a lot of potential. I like the easy going beat to it also.”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“I can hear your vocals clearly on this record, which is extremely important. Your beat is at a well placed volume. Nice! Your chorus is nice & caychy. The lyrics are no short is spectacula, they are understanable within every verse of the record. I really did like the melody of this record, it's nice & tuneful. This record is one i can play more then once.”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“She begins singing about how when she was a little girl. She wanted to know how it feels to get older. That was a good choice of music to right about because others can relate to this song in so many ways. The music is really nice and Her choice of words was very good as well. I applaud her for the making of this song. I would love to see her make it far. Her lyrics stayed focused on what her song was about.”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“I like the introduction - great guitar sound. The artist's voice is very smooth, light but still commanding. This has beautiful harmony. The lyrics are audible and thoughtful. They make sense. I enjoy the arrangement as it is simple yet emotional. The voice and musical instruments compliment each other perfectly and completely. This track is lovely!”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“This country song explains my thoughts of childhood. I always wondered how being an adult would be and now i know. This song is just one of the ways i find peace in my life. The message is just a real tear jerker. The guitarist and the drummer work in perfect sync with each other. The singer also makes the track unifying The singer is really in touch with her inner self and really is grateful for her life and how she has lived it. It shows that no matter the obstacles she is able to persevere through life and live it to the fullest. I recommend this song to any country lovers.”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“I like the raw edgyness to this song, Listen to just the intro you would never have thought that the artist would have been a women with such a plesant voice to listen to!! I love her voice, I think I have already rated a song by her, I deff have I couldnt forget a voice like that. Her lyrics are brillant and speak of heartfelt situations that I believe that everyone goes through, so Im real sure that everyone can relate to this song some how. I love the instrumentals as well I like the use of the guitar and the drums, gives it a great country rocck feel.So therfore it will pull in more fans that like rock and country music. I could see myself buying this cd and recommeding this to others. I love this so far!! Its engaging and pulls you into the song and makes you want to listen to more of it!”

TuneCore Tracksmarts Listener Review Of 'Thank You'

“We will be featured on Mixposure radio this afternoon between 2-4PM with Douglas Dickens. We will be in the chat room. Please listen in. This is an amazing program with some very talented independent artists! Great music! http://www.mixposure.com/elizabeth-storms”

MIxposure Radio

“15)- Alan Jackson – Talk is cheap ( EMI Nashville ) + liner 16)- Mark Blomsteel – She ain’t coming back saloon 17)- David Wood & Kim Everett – Can’t dance to the blues ( Hotdisc – 170 ) + liner 18)- Bobby Mountain – All that I can be ( BSW ) 19)- Lacy Jay – That’s what girls do ( Universal Sound ) Class 55 20)- Elizabeth Price – Kiss up time + liner 21)- Chris leigh – Like I love you forever ( Blue River ) Bill Wence 22)- The Mavericks – Back in your arms again ( Valory ) 23)- Mark Collie – Maybe Mexico + liner 24)- Elizabeth Storms – Thank you ( Music & Film ) 25)- Don Williams feat. Alison Krauss – I just come here for the music ( Sugarhill ) cdx-549”

“'Thank You' can be heard around the 37 minute mark on this radio station”

“86. Roy Solis - Broken Hearts Are So Cliche (Avenue 1) 87. Shannon Knight - Sing And Shout (Crossroads) 88. Mark David Manders - I Know That Rain (Blind Nello 89. Richard Hall - Fire Flies (WHP) 90. Josie Brandon - Crazy Week (Tiger) 91. Bonnie & The Clydes - Dark Side Of The Road (Ind) 92. Jay Jolley - It's A Friday Thing (Double J) 93. JetSet GetSet - Saturday Night (Playback) 94. Jim Sricklan - Chinook Wind (Kokobilly) 95. Rebecca Linda Smith - King Of The Range (Glory Train) 96. Kelly Weaver - What's Left Of You (Outback) 97. Ashley Robertson - Finished With You (Ind) 98. Elizabeth Storms - Thank You (Musik And Film)”

“Port Hope music duo sings from the heart New EP making waves online Elizabeth Storms. PORT HOPE -- Port Hope musicians Elizabeth Storms, left, and Lorne Hemmerling have recorded several songs together. March 12, 2013 Karen Longwell / Northumberland News”

“Paul Newman and Radio Seagull put 'Different Page' between Toto's Hold The Line and Meatloaf's A Real Dead Ringer For Love. He talked about us and even mentioned Port Hope. From The Netherlands!!”

“your stuff is super awesome, great work! fantastic style... Dec 22 ”


“Emily (MuchLoveFrom... elizabeth, i'm here playing your cool tunes and i just wanted to say that i hope you have a Happy Holidays!!! M.L.F.L emily Dec 23 ”


“Listening to 'Thank you'-really classic and cool sound. Shades of Bonnie Rait in the voice:)”

Johnson Ramm

“The Almighty Fallen "Time has Gone' is excellent, great song writing and awesome vocals.... Jo x T.A.F ”

The Almighty Fallen

"time has gone" great vocals , thoughtful lyrics and original style ~ beautiful Dec 14


“Nice work Elizabeth!! Soothing to the ears! Dec 14”

The Blue Sputnik

“Hey Elizabeth, thanks for the lovely comment....your sounds are cool......have a great Sunday :) June x Dec 16”

June Stevenson

“Wow, just awesome, Girl ! Love it all, so very good ! "MYSTIC HAYS"..... Dec 16”

Tocsin7 / Mystic Hays

“Hey Time Has Gone is a good song, great arrangement too Dec 17”

Per Bronco Karlsson

“Different Page is a beautifully written and arranged ballad with a gorgeous crystal clear vocal. Nov 3”

Last Day On Earth

“WRT: “Different Page” Lorne Hemmerling, This is a very nice piece of writing; classic adult contemporary structure and format and very nice production work on the demo as well...also a very nice vocal track. You should know that it did make it through several rounds of approval. We certainly did enjoy listening to your work. This was a quality submission. Best of luck with all of your musical endeavors. Sincerely, The A&R Staff Sweet Rosie Music”

Sweet Rosie Music Company

“Such a beautiful voice Elizabeth! Your music melts my soul! Cheers to you my dear! ”

Le Mystique

“Peter Holmqvist There's something magic with your song " Thank you ". ”

Peter Holmqvist

“Superb. ”

Steven Jackson

“Simply Magnificent... ”


“Great stuff!!!Keep up the excellent work!! ”

Pace Ride

“Thanks so much, Elizabeth. Really appreciate the encouragement. Lovely voice. ”

Kate Lynne Logan

“Back enjoying your songs Elizabeth lovely voice!! all the very best.x ”

The Fores

“Love your stuff too! ”


“Elizabeth, you sound really great! Keep in touch, Amy xo”

Amy McCann

“really great...”

Franz Holzhouser

“Nice, Keep on rocking, Thank You!”

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