Elixirion / Press

“WOW! I can feel every one of your songs reaching down to the core of my essence, I feel every emotions you put in each of your trax, especially "Deep Sadness" "Apocalypse" and "Pai" Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this./Jaki Song”

Jaki Song - Reverbnation

“Your creations are so outstanding!!! very beautiful and deep. Love the sound and creativity. Brilliant work!”

Ruthus - Reverbnation

“Your works are illuminating and provocative, You have a style that is all your own and you communicate it with great musical precision. Bravo!”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

“Authentic style and fresh approaches... i am really a dedicated fan of yours. My deepest respects! - JJacob”

JJacob - Reverbnation

“The Best FREE New Age Album Ever Well, at least in my opinion. I have been listening to it for months, and I don't get tired of it. I have blogged about it before, and I'll do it again; the album is called Between Time And Space and is by the artist Elixirion....”