Eli the Hawk / Press

“Eli the Hawk takes listeners on a relaxing one-man folk, blues and Americana journey on his 15-song album, Fables in Time. His base sound blurs the line between traditional folk and delta blues, as Eli croons odes on a wide range of subjects, from picturesque travelogues to Wild West legends to wild game recipes. Eli’s strings provide the backbone, with his heartfelt harmonica wail providing color commentary to paint the sonic picture. Listeners can sense the raw passion in Eli’s voice…the arrangements are simple and to the point; his strings and harmonica are ever-present, with his other instruments entering in and out of the mix to keep the sound fresh throughout the set. Fables in Time takes listeners into Eli the Hawk’s world to experience his distinctive personality, inspirations and motivations. It is a colorful offering that fans of folk, blues and Americana should savor.”

“Eli the Hawk is an awesome song-writer, we've enjoyed seeing [and hearing] him perform this year and last at the Millenium Music Conference in Harrisburg!”

Robin Noll - PA Musician's Magazine