Elise Moureau / Press

“Elise Moureau who wrote the show's original music and plays the Crow who greeted us earlier on, says that the logistics of theater weren't the only difficulties in making Constants.”

“Our audience journey begins, led by a black costumed crow figure (Elise Moureau, singer and song-writer) who narrates and later sings a tale derived from the Lenape Nation’s story of Four Crows. As we hear the crow’s entreaties to “fly with” her, the Dutch-named “hidden river” is revealed at an opening on the embankment. We enter three canoes and join the silent, smooth nighttime waters of the Schuylkill that few among us (including those muscled, daytime scullers) ever experience.”

“Working with local Philly Singer/Songwriter, Elise Moureau (www.reverbnation.com/elisemoureau), the Lenape Story of the Four Crows will come alive through Moureau’s soulful voice and Vidich’s writing and choreography.”