Elisabeth Taylor / Press

“So I don't normally do this, but I feel like I absolutely have to. I've recently been introduced to a new artist. She is the younger sister of a friend of mine. I was looking for new music to download when my friend said "My sisters album is on iTunes... You should check it out"... I didn't expect much... It seems these days that everyone and their sister (pun intended, lol) thinks they have an amazing voice. But, I checked it out anyway. I was BLOWN AWAY. Elisabeth Taylor is not only my new musical obsession, but she is hands down one of the most talented young singers I've seen. Her songs are real and heart felt and they really spoke to me after what I've gone through this past year. Y'all, PLEASE take a second and go listen to her album. You can find her under her name, Elisabeth Taylor, on iTunes. If you like what you hear (you will, or we can no longer be friends because I clearly cannot trust your taste in music which makes me question our entire friendship,lol) Go.Buy it.Now.”

"Crazy pipes, awesome vocal range; her songs could be pop, singer/songwriter, Americana, country, coffee shop... She fits in everywhere!" "Listening to the song, "Something" on repeat. It's a f#@%imf hit!! Can't even believe her amazing voice and song!"

Charis Thorsell, Nashville&Tx traveling recording artist - Facebook,2013

"Great show tonight! Now a new Ryan Matter fan and have always been an Elisabeth Taylor fan! Looking forward to these artists playing again at 'the Rack' "

Derek Scheler - Facebook,Inc

"Elisabeth Taylor is going to take the world by storm"

BJ Garcia, DJ@TRHR - Facebook,Inc

"not just her name that is distinguished, but her music will be, too, one day. If you have been fortunate enough to hear 17yr old Elisabeth Taylor perform, you were listening to a complete original. Elisabeth sings, plays guitar, and writes music...the BHS junior has been playing since she was 14, and would love to make her living doing what she loves...she has performed throughout North Texas, including the opening of Fort Worth's Food Park, Cowtown Winery, Dalton's Corner, and a benefit for the Hope Center for Autism. Her EP...is scheduled to go out this July and will include 5 original songs. Elisabeth has been on 3 radio shows to date, and will make 2 more appearances in the next few weeks. At QXFM, she will be the Artist of the Week. The station has added her 2 original (recorded) songs to their daily rotation, and "Right Now" will be available on iTunes very soon...was recently selected as a top ten finalist in the DFW talent search hosted by Legend Records at The Spice Rack..."