Elina Duni / Press

"The most haunting music that I have heard this year is “Matanë Malit” (“Beyond the Mountain”) on ECM."

Barry Bassis - NY Resident

"You don't have to understand Albanian to appreciate what's happening here: Starting with somber and often heavy music, Duni and her group wind up in a soaring, graceful realm all their own."

Tom Moon - NPR

"An album that grabs hold of the head and heart so insidiously that it's almost impossible to let it go, Matanë Malit will hopefully introduces Duni and her superb group to the broader international audience they so richly deserve."

John Kelman - All about Jazz

"This quartet definitely sounds like rising star material for ECM".

John Fordham - The Guardian

"An adventurous ensemble that here restrics to framing stark outlines for this mesmerizing album."

Thomas Conrad - Jazztimes

"Once you enter into the enchanted sound world of "Matanë Malit", it's impossible to break free from it's spell"

Peter Quinn - Jazzwise