Elijah Bland / Press

“A cross between neo-soul, funk and jazz... Elijah Bland and his band give a great show!”

“Closing out the night was Mr. Elijah Bland. The ladies batted their eyelashes as he approached the stage. When he started singing it was all over cause he had them at Hello! His performance of new singles “Hello” and “For The Record” had couples in the audience thinking ” We’re going home to make a baby tonight” His stage presence was fantastic! No over the top machismo just a classy set.”

“Mixing elements of jazz, funk, and R&B to bring soul back to its rightful place.”

“It's easy to look at an EP, see the content listing of a whopping three songs, and decide to keep it moving. But when the performer in question is the multi-talented athlete-turned-artist, Elijah Bland, not only does he make the effort worth the while, he also manages to pack enough nuance and musicality to outdo most of what's passing for soul these days, making his latest release, Freedom, deserving of a download (or spin).... Elijah Bland is humming right along and succeeding in his mission: building his brand, broadening his range and demonstrating that fans will be happy with letting his particular interpretation of 'Freedom' reign.”