Eli Bryan Nelson / Press

“Bryan Eli Nelson, better known in the music industry as Eli Bryan, has been crowned Langley’s Entertainer of the Year. For the 63 63-year year-old Langley City resident, this news will come as quite a surprise – especially since he’s never classified himself as a strong entertainer. “I’m not a born performer,” he told the Langley Advance, noting that music writing and behind the scenes studio work seemed more his bailiwick... But in honesty, it’s not merely Bryan’s music efforts – past or present – that earned him special recognition this year from the Langley Advance. In fact, it’s that combined with all he does to help up up-and and-coming artists, and also feed the hungry in his community that garnered the honour. Bryan is the man behind Langley’s Food Bank Tuesdays, a monthly event that not only profiles young local talent, but helps the Langley Food Bank. ”

“Bryan Nelson was so astonished the first time he heard Paul Armitage perform solo at Food Bank Tuesdays that he has invited the keyboardist to be the feature performer on April 6. "Essentially, Paul creates totally spontaneous keyboard pieces based on nothing more than the vibrational energies filling that given room, at that given time," Nelson explained. Armitage will be the feature performer at Food Bank Tuesday on April 6, 7-9 p.m. at the McBurney Coffee and Tea House, 20504 Fraser Hwy. He'll be joined on stage that evening by The Blue Voodoo, Ron Irving, Joe Given, Michael Vincent, Bryan Nelson, and percussionist Mark Dobbs. Admission is free, but people are asked to bring a donation of non-perishable food or cash for the Langley Food Bank. ”

“ Now 63, he is helping a few younger artists get their own foot through the door. Nelson usually opens the show with his own music, which he describes as contemporary pop jazz. "Joe Given is an interesting guy. He's got a good voice and he's just put out a CD. This kid, if he wants it, is on his way somewhere." Genereux, meanwhile, is already a familiar face around the Lower Mainland, where she performs regularly at festivals and in clubs, and entertaining Canadian troops in the Persian Gulf and in Canada's far north. "Ginette is one hit away from being an international star," he said. The next Foodbank Tuesday will be held on April 6. The Blue Voodoo will perform, and the featured artist is a musician named Paul Armitage, who creates musical "Soul Portraits," and Nelson hopes music lovers will come out in force and show their support for both the artists and the Langley food bank. ”

“Reknowned photographer John Gordon also runs a "profile" spot in the Times, and for some crazy reason, chose me as a target.URL: <http://www.bclocalnews.com/surrey_area/langleytimes/community/84740917.html> Thanks, John!”

"Food Bank Tuesday" went last night-a big success -nearly $250 for the food bank, several bags of non-perishables, etc., guest appearances such as Ginette Genereux - TV/movie composer/writer Daniel Ross, Ron Irving, Joe Given, Michael Vincent & Shelby Noble-a great night!