El-Haru Kuroi / Press

““Cantagallo” ofrece un sonido evolucionado que invita a los zandungueros a la fiesta, al meneo de caderas, a una zapateada interminable de sábado, a la sonrisa seductora al estilo del Este de Los Ángeles y de la nueva tropicalia.”

“Picture On a recent trip to Los Angeles I got a chance to hang out with El-Haru Kuroi in Boyle Heights. We had a fun podcast at the percussionist's, Dominique's home. As Mike mentions later in the podcast they really do represent Latino Los Angeles well as each represents varying degrees of generations removed from Mexico and their families immigrant narratives. There style can only be described as eclectic with Eddikas amazing voice and haunting lyrics giving the music its character and feel”

“Grammy winner La Santa Cecilia is not the only socially conscious, female-fronted, Latino band out of East L.A. El Haru Kuroi is fronted by Mexican-American Eddika Organista, with bassist Michael Ibarra and drummer/percussionist Dominique "Chief" Rodriguez. Their sound is a mix of Mexican, Brazilian and African, and they've built a strong following in L.A.”

“Their latest release, Canta Gallo, is nothing short of brilliant. The influences that make El Haru Kuroi are not hard to pinpoint, yet put together the way they do makes for a sound that is all their own.”

“Combining the snarling urgency of post-punk with the sensuality of bossa-nova, they’ve come upon something very different and exciting to listen to.”

"....Gonzalez also names "Postales" among her favorites of the year now expiring, along with the Ritchie Valens compilation tribute "Little Richard of the Valley," the Chilean band Gepe's "GP," "Canta Gallo" by L.A.'s El Haru Kuroi,...."