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"Elena B Williams is an open vessel and her spirit is aligned to sing in the collective consciousness of the moment - moment by moment! Allowing for deep and powerful moments to be born in song! Elena is an ancient being who lives in a modern context... her voice penetrates deep into the marrow of our cells and gently pulls us toward expanded loving awareness. An honourable female being with a resonate signature sound that soothes and heals! I am honoured to have met and heard this beautiful woman!! " - Toni Childs

Toni Childs - EBW Website

"There are certain sounds that resonate with the human heart on a deep level - the thunder of a waterfall, the delicate vibration of hummingbird wings, a child's laughter. They awaken an awe and reverence of something bigger, something more. Elena's music comes from that place. Like deep calling out to deep, her song originates from and speaks to something we all intuitively know exists, yet so often seems beyond our reach." Joshua Cunningham (The Waifs)

Joshua Cunningham (The Waifs)

"I heard a voice that stopped me in my tracks. I turned and walked back through the crowds of people, my ears and heart following her song . I saw a woman stoic in her presence, with a voice so unique and full of soul. I was simply captivated. Plenty of people can sing pretty, but on this day, Elena B Williams was the Pied Piper, and I merely a rat." - Donna Simpson (THE WAIFS) FEB 2015

Donna Simpson (THE WAIFS) - Elena b Williams Web Site

"I asked Elena to play on my album Summer at Eureka, she has such a unique voice for this time." Pete Murray, Australian Award Winning Musician.

Pete Murray

"Elena b Williams harnesses a truthful and soulfully unique talent, and she's using it for the good of her people and the beautiful island nation we both call home..Samoa. Fire up girl, strength to you!!

Natalie Pa'apa'a - Blue King Brown