Element Brass Band / Press

“Just take Sacramento’s the Nibblers and Element Brass Band—the groups collaborated on a pair of unscheduled campground jams that attracted a dancing, sweaty mass of revelers, who overflowed a batch of easy-up canopies in the early July heat.”

“..and the Element Brass Band (high on their win) closed out the night with an epic New Orleans style party that flooded into the street.. “It feels fantastic. We’re performing tonight so that just gives a little extra kick for the performance. We’re all pretty happy about it,” said Joby Morrow, trombone player for Element Brass Band. “We’ve been working pretty hard, practicing quite hard, been in the studio earlier this year – it feels like a nice feather in the cap.” This is Element Brass Band’s first SAMMIE win.”

“I like Sacramento, but “like” was all I felt until last month, when I turned a corner on my walk home from work and found a New Orleans-style brass band playing Gnarls Barkley on the sidewalk just a few blocks from my house.. Afterward, I tracked down the band and talked to Byron Colborn, the saxophonist. Colborn said the 5-year-old group, the Element Brass Band, actually has 16 members and plays in nightclubs, but sometimes a few of them hit the street and jam. “Any big organized event, we’ll just crash them,” Colborn said, laughing. “Worst-case scenario, they tell us to go away.””

“The Element Brass Band marched the grounds of the festival, playing their jazz/soul/New Orleans funk style as people stopped to dance in the aisles as they passed”

“Element Brass Band was gearing up to start a new monthly residency at the Press Club. On Monday, after showing up and starting a dance party at #TheMostOpenMicInTheCity, they asked Andru Defeye, former host of FLOW and current open mic organizer, to collaborate again. “We’re trying to rekindle that vibe,” said Byron Colborn, Element Brass Band’s saxophonist. “But we’re hoping this will be different too—that more people will come out for the interactive aspect.””