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“Not a band to be contained by convention, Elemental Shakedown gives a creative jolt to the traditional periodic table of bluegrass elements. Storytelling? Yep. Banjo pickin'? Yep. Multipart harmonies? Yep. But Elemental Shakedown also synthesizes some sexy fiddle and dance-worthy breakdowns into its tunes, serving up music that's equally at home on a front porch, on an indie radio station or in a crowded highbrow concert hall. Both traditional and progressive bluegrass fans will find elements worth savoring as Elemental Shakedown continues to push the boundaries of roots music.”

"We've had a noise complaint. The band sounds good though."

"Bassoon-grass, dub-grass, which ever way you slice it-Crazy night with Elemental Shakedown. Literally knocking people over with their string picking at Lamasco"

Josh Alexander, Music Director - 'The Edge' Radio - University of Southern Indiana

“STOKED to have you, and let everybody experience what I already know...YOU ROCK!”

“The tradition of bluegrass may be as old as St. Louis itself, but Elemental Shakedown isn't content to be a museum piece. The five members of the band come from across different corners of the country and have backgrounds in music about as diverse. They give the Midwest bluegrass scene — which often pits purists against progressives — a much-needed burst of creative energy. After a couple of years of playing pop songs arranged as bluegrass, guitarist Chris Helmick, bassist Matt Flory and funky fiddler Alyssa Avery brought on two long-time music vets to take the helm on staple bluegrass instruments. They struck gold, with Bob Stuckey of Indiana on banjo and St. Louis native Bryan Ranney on mandolin. Last year, Elemental Shakedown began performing original compositions that kick up against bluegrass' sometimes-rigid boundaries, exploring subgenres like jazz-grass, jam-grass, avant-garde-grass and, perhaps most wonderfully, funk-grass. To them, it's all booty-shaking, foot-stomping fu”

"... Elemental Shakedown, a neo traditional quintet of strong pickers who alternated clean lines with looser jams that elicited cheers from the audience."

“There's bluegrass, newgrass, slamgrass, jamgrass, funkgrass, grab-ass and also, in this case, disgruntled crabgrass. Converging from all corners of the country and now somehow ending up in St.Louis, this truly insane group of musicians brings their own brand of all of the above to the table! You will hear very traditional and very not so traditional breakdowns, buskings and jams of all the old time & new school faves! And find yourselves strangely endeared to the shenanigans along the way.”

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