ELEMENT A440 / Press

“Some singers ask for crowd participation, some demand it, Halo ‘forces’ people to remember them….They’re a Carcass coroner’s report come back to life on stage out of a Kenneth Anger movie. It’s not quite Gorgoroth’s black mass but its extreme uber vaudeville meets Texas Chainsaw splatter-gore…Their philosophy is all music should be unified regardless of genre, image, lyrics or appearance.”

“Though ‘loud’ and intense is the pitch Element a440 tunes for all their shows playing their own special demented orchestra of sound and visual misanthropy…Element combines a jigsaw mixture of musical, visual variety using the best bits of shock rock, industrial, metal and Goth to make their own special deliverance of dark, sadistic, fairytales and bedtime story nightmares.”

“Element A440 aren't new to the scene at all, and you can tell right off the bat by their sounds. Their latest release, not simply titled, WHIPS, KNIVES, CANDLES, AND QUILLS, is a powerhouse of rock, industrial, and addicting music!”

“Going to a concert at times there is the inevitable opening act that every concert goes has to endure. Occasionally the band is pleasant to here, even more so than the main act….Up close and personal is the only way Halo performs. Reminiscent of Shock Rock and Gothic vocalists. Halo brings forth the brutality of life, speaking truths on “Godidiotocracy”- “Goddamn this world I see..twisted hypocrisy” and “Kookie Kutter”- “carves her pain deep inside of her flesh…so insane, such a beautiful mess, Ya Kookie Kutter””

“Element A440 is a band after their own heart. Their music is priceless, unique, and genuine in the purest sense of the word. This is because they are not interested in being categorized under a genre, nor being uniform or cliché. They make the music that they want to make, however they want to make it; and they permit absolutely no restrictions on their creativity.”

“What really sets Element A440 apart from the hundreds of bands they shared the stage all over the U.S. with, is their musicality, their extreme work ethic, their kill or be killed mentality, and the fact that they are some of the coolest people you will come across. All of this added together equates to a band that possesses the perfect balance between musicianship, workmanship, and showmanship.”

“Halo brings the dirty, creative, industrial metal element to this list. He has crafted his own vocal brand, drawing from Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and a few other influences, often while wearing a strait jacket and whipping his crazy long black hair around his custom-made mechanical microphone (you gotta see this thing).”

“The next band I would like to mention is not really new to the scene here in Phoenix. Element A 440. Founded by the bands frontman, Halo, back in 2000,they have come a long way since then. Releasing their first full length album in 2004, titled Selfish, they have been tearing up stages all across the valley. The music they are writing in that camp could stand well enough on it’s own, but the art and visuals that they tie in with their set, is something to be seen. Somewhat of a Mad Max meets Gallager kind of vibe. You’d have to see it to understand what I mean.(just bring your raincoat to the show, that’s all I’m going to say). They have recently become the winners of Project Independent, a music showcase put on here in the valley to gain exposure to some great bands. They are now preparing for a 40 state tour with Project Independent. They are also anticipating the release of their sophomore LP titled Intravenous Nursery Rhymes”

"Fuck your God," they sing, "fuck everything and fuck me" -- you can just see the principal's notes coming home for fans brazen enough to wear one of the band's tee shirts at school. And just savor the lawsuits if the stereo-panned whispering of "suicide, suicide" on "Kill Me" gives little Junior any bright ideas. The best example of a440's potential accessibility, "Dance Dead," has the right amount of robotic beats per minute for effective strobe-light choreography, and the least amount of objectionable lyrics for airplay. With a nod to the ailing Dick Clark, element a440 has got a good dark beat, and you can dance dead to it.